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Tech and privacy: Fake Facebook page; beacons in New York

File these couple of items over in the corner of tech and privacy. • A DEA agent used photos from a woman's mobile phone to create a fake Facebook page, then used that page to communicate with suspected criminals. And the Read More →

Google, Apple lock horns over privacy

The Privacy War is officially underway, and it's starting to get nasty. Apple has made big headlines in privacy over the past month, encrypting information on phones so even law enforcement can't access it and stressing its commitment to security Read More →

Tech and privacy: Facebook’s ad platform; CloudFlare’s encryption gift

Once again, we're making a couple of stops at the corner of tech and privacy. • Facebook's relaunched ad platform, Atlas, will allow advertisers to track users outside Facebook, across devices and even "connect online campaigns to actual offline sales," according Read More →

Tech and privacy: The FBI on Apple, Google and encryption; Russian and Australian laws

There's plenty of news about tech and privacy/surveillance, in the United States and beyond, and some of it might make you shudder: • FBI Director James Comey said Thursday he's concerned about Apple and Google's moves to encrypt the data on Read More →

Apple’s new privacy campaign — and dig at Google

Apple is getting kudos galore after loudly and proudly touting the privacy it provides to its mobile customers with a new site. And it gets in a dig at its top competitor in the process. As the company launches new products and Read More →

Apple’s Touch ID privacy flaw just got worse

When Apple launched its Touch ID fingerprint sensor, it had a troublesome flaw. Now that the company is allowing the sensor to be used by outside developers, that problem has potentially metastasized. Touch ID will recognize up to five fingerprints. Those Read More →
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