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Spying saga: NSA’s ‘unsearchable’ email; tech lobbying; how Americans feel

As the NSA surveillance saga turns, here are a few interesting stories: • File this under "Seriously?": The National Security Agency can scoop up plenty of others' communications, from phone call to Internet-based data, but it says it can't search its Read More →

When tech pundits attack, who says sic ‘em?

Happy Friday. Let's talk war. As today's tech giants battle for supremacy, their weapons of choice vary from patent lawsuits to lobbyists. Then there are the academics, pundits and/or experts with fancy titles, and industry and advocacy organizations with dignified-sounding names, Read More →

Quoted: on AT&T’s political influence

"I know people love to try to create that impression ... but the reality is, that's not the way things happen. People give money because of whatever reasons motivate them, and we evaluate legislation regardless. ... I cannot think of Read More →

More on Google lobbying and influence

Over the weekend, my column looked at the remarkable growth in Google's lobbying operation in Washington, D.C. In just four years, Google has become the valley's second largest company when it comes to lobbying expenditures. Naturally, I left out Read More →
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