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Apple backs away from “free” apps in App Store

There are no more "FREE" apps in the App Store. Now, you just "GET" them. In a subtle but significant shift, Apple on Wednesday rebranded apps that were once labeled free. To select an app that is free to download, users now Read More →

Big R&D spenders: That’s a lot of money for thinking outside the box

Six-hundred-and-forty-seven billion dollars. That's the record amount of money that public companies spent last year on dreaming big, thinking cutting-edge, plotting new products like crazy, and just all-around getting their creative grooves on. And it's actually $9 billion more than companies spent Read More →

Quoted: on Google’s Larry Page as visionary

"The breadth of things that he is taking on is staggering. We have not seen that kind of business leader since Thomas Edison at GE or David Packard at HP." — Ben Horowitz, venture capitalist, on Google CEO Larry Read More →

Google ad server back up after suffering global outage

If you were unable to access your favorite website this morning, you weren't alone. The culprit? A Google software bug. Google's DoubleClick for Publishers tool, which serves ads that appear on websites, went down about 6 a.m. PST. Google confirmed to SiliconBeat Read More →

Faster and faster: Amazon tests using taxis for package delivery has enlisted taxis in Los Angeles and San Francisco to deliver packages, reported the Wall Street Journal. The online retail giant used a taxi-hailing app called Flywheel, based in Redwood City, which is competing with Uber and Lyft. Taxis Read More →

Quoted: Slamming encryption by Google, Apple… and BlackBerry?

"There’s a very comfortable techno-libertarian culture where you think you’re doing the right thing." — Stewart Baker, former general counsel for the NSA, on Google and Apple's moves to encrypt user data on mobile phones. He is Read More →
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