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Self-driving vehicles: a gas tank half full or half empty?

People, it turns out, are deeply conflicted when it comes to cars that can drive themselves. A new poll shows that while there's worldwide and widespread support for and fascination with self-driving vehicles, there's also a deep angst over the Read More →

Movie industry gives thumbs down to Google Glass in theaters

It was only a matter of time. The Motion Picture Association of America and movie theaters have updated their guidelines to officially ban Google Glass and other wearable technology that's capable of recording. In other words, as always, the copyright-conscious Read More →

Study: Majority of $1 billion tech companies in past decade outside of Silicon Valley

Maybe the world is finally flat, with innovation and growth flourishing anywhere. In this vision, Silicon Valley doesn't have any special sauce that brews companies that reach a $1 billion valuation.


According to a new Read More →

What to expect when you’re expecting Google earnings

Google┬áis set to announce third-quarter earnings this afternoon, and the keywords are ads and spending. Analysts polled by FactSet estimate earnings of $6.54 a share on $16.6 billion in revenue, increases of 22 percent and 11.4 percent year over year. Last Read More →

Tech leaders sound the alarm over the global trust deficit with U.S. firms

Tech leaders gathered in Palo Alto High School's gymnasium to sound the alarm over measures being taken by foreign governments in response to disclosures of U.S. surveillance. The global response to the disclosures has not blown over but only appears to Read More →

Google to hire its own security guards

Google's decision to sever its security contract and hire its own security guards could be a sign that the search giant may be rethinking its relationship with outsourced service workers. Google announced Thursday that it would hire about 200 security guards, Read More →
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