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Could Google’s Waze be a “police stalking” app?

Some law enforcement officers have called on Google to disable the police alert function on Waze, its popular traffic app, the Associated Press reported. The app, which combines GPS navigation information and tips from drivers, allows people to avoid Read More →

Google surpasses Comcast as top tech lobbyist

Google spent a record $16.83 million last year and surpassed cable and telecom giant Comcast for the first time in lobbying the federal government, according to a new Consumer Watchdog report analyzing records filed by big tech and communications companies with Read More →

Sunnyvale-made satellite to launch Tuesday; Google also investing in space race

A satellite made in Sunnyvale will launch Tuesday from Cape Canaveral, part of a project to give the U.S. military better mobile communications in the polar regions, remote deserts and other isolated environments. Lockheed Martin made the craft for the Navy’s Read More →

Is Google Glass just getting a fashion makeover?

News that Google would stop selling its Glass eyewear next week left many pronouncing (and/or celebrating) the death of the high-tech gadgetry, but there is also plenty of evidence that the company is merely seeking a clean slate before marketing Read More →

Is the pendulum swinging on tech companies and surveillance?

Since the Edward Snowden disclosures, tech companies have taken multiple steps to rebuild user trust, including beefing up the encryption in their products and services. But with the terrorist attacks in France this month, will governments succeed in pressuring tech firms Read More →

Don’t bother Googling “Scroogled”: Microsoft appears to drop anti-Google campaign

When Satya Nadella took the helm of Microsoft last year, I argued that among the first things he should do is drop "Scroogled," the firm's anti-Google campaign. It was part of the Steve Ballmer pugnacious reign of the Read More →
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