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Facebook low in customer satisfaction, while Pinterest ranks high, survey says.

Pinterest users have a high rate of customer satisfaction, according to a new survey by an independent research group. Facebook and LinkedIn users? Not so much. Ads and privacy are big concerns cited by Internet users who ranked Facebook and LinkedIn Read More →

Google stock rises as company seems to be gearing for more growth

Google shares rose more than 3 percent on Friday, a day after the giant Internet company reported strong sales growth in the second quarter. Mountain View-based Google is spending heavily to develop new tech products, hire new employees (they’re Read More →

Google adds an ex-Ford CEO to its board

Why would Google add a former CEO from one of America’s big three auto-makers to its board of directors? Can you say “self-driving car?” Actually, there are plenty of reasons for a big company to want Alan Mulally, the former boss of Read More →

Security roundup: Google’s new security team, British spying, CNet hack

Here's a quick roundup of (in)security news. • Google has formed an elite security team dedicated to finding and stomping out software threats. Wired reports that Project Zero is made up of famous hackers that have exposed high-profile vulnerabilities, Read More →

Google partners with Swiss biomedical giant on smart contact lens

Google’s X division has taken a big step forward in making its “smart contact lens” technology available for the consumer market, by announcing a licensing agreement with the biotech giant Novartis. The Swiss company said it plans to work Read More →

Box answers Google, Amazon and rolls out unlimited cloud storage

Box is declaring the end of the cloud storage pricing war. Or so it hopes. The Los Altos-based cloud computing company announced Tuesday it would no longer set limits on cloud storage for businesses that buy its services. All companies get unlimited Read More →
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