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Quoted: on free speech, entertainment and online threats

"This sounds like a road map for threatening a spouse and getting away with it. You put it in rhyme and you put some stuff about the Internet on it and you say, 'I’m an aspiring rap artist.' And so Read More →

Quoted: on Facebook shuttle drivers’ vote to unionize

"Of all the industries in the world, the tech industry can afford to compensate those that help make them successful." — Rome Aloise, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 853, in a statement celebrating Wednesday's unionization vote of drivers for Loop, Read More →

Facebook: A LinkedIn rival? Plus what’s up with the news feed

We've got a couple of pieces of Facebook items for your news feed. • First, if you've ever wished to separate your personal and work Facebook accounts, that may soon be a reality. The Financial Times reports that Facebook is working Read More →

Thanks a lot, Facebook.

In one of the warmest and cuddliest product launches in the history of social media, Facebook has come up with yet another way to say THANKS. Let's let Facebook tell you about Say Thanks:
  “Your friends are at the core of your Read More →

Google Glass losing support among consumer app developers

Some app developers have stopped their Google Glass consumer projects, Reuters reports.  That is one troubling sign that Glass, nearly 2 years old and still in beta, may not have the developer support it needs to make Read More →

Quoted: Like, I got soo many Likes on Facebook

"There were times when I was more focused on the numbers than the content itself. I was more interested in how many likes I had instead of who liked it. I realized every time I logged in I looked at Read More →
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