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Waking up billions poorer, Silicon Valley’s elite lose some paper wealth

The stock market's April roller-coaster ride has taken its toll on one group: Silicon Valley's 23 richest are $11 billion less rich, reports Bloomberg. So far this year, Twitter has dropped 34 percent. Amazon is down 18 percent. As Read More →

Relax: Facebook wants you to feel comfortable about sharing

Though it’s long been a magnet for privacy concerns, Facebook has a strong self-interest in making users feel comfortable about sharing on the social network. The company said Tuesday that it’s working on better ways to explain its privacy settings Read More →

Twitter’s tweaking your web profile

In case you didn’t have enough to keep you busy already - Twitter’s introducing a Facebook-like redesign of users' web profiles, with a number of new features that you can tweak and/or obsess about. “Starting today, it will be even easier Read More →

How green is your screen?

Greenpeace, the self-assigned savior of the planet, has directed its greening attention to the Internet. The headline on a report it released this morning reads: Your Online World: #Click Clean or Dirty? And in a pretty cool interactive graphic, the group Read More →

Tech companies care about your privacy — just ask the dinosaur

In case we haven't gotten the message, tech companies want us to know that they really, really care about our privacy. So they're thinking big (a dinosaur!), and even breaking out the Legos. That's right, in the post-Edward Snowden era, Internet Read More →

Facebook’s News Feed formula sparks a brand break-up

Some long-simmering resentment over Facebook’s formula for determining which posts appear in a user’s News Feed – and a sneaking suspicion that recent changes are aimed at getting companies to buy more ads – has re-surfaced thanks to a humorous Read More →
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