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Mark Zuckerberg’s 2015 resolution: Read books

Tens of thousands of people chimed in on what Mark Zuckerberg's personal challenge for 2015 should be, as I wrote last week. The Facebook CEO has decided. His resolution is something antithetical to the fast twitch culture of social media: Read More →

Mark Zuckerberg should post daily in 2015, and other ideas for his ‘personal challenge’

He calls it his "personal challenge." Each year, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, has picked one goal: Learn Mandarin, wear a tie, write a note of gratitude daily. The tradition has been an intriguing part of his life, a window Read More →

Spotlight on Facebook over Russian censorship

A planned Jan. 15 rally in Russia in support of political opposition activist Alexey Navalny is raising questions about how Facebook and other services can operate in countries that restrict free speech. At issue is a Facebook page advertising the rally. Read More →

Facebook scores video deal with NFL

Facebook has taken an intriguing step forward in its video business, partnering with the National Football League to show short video clips. The deal, reported Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal, will bring NFL game highlights, studio analysis and Read More →

Peter Thiel taking human growth hormone to make it to 120

Peter Thiel is known for his big bets like PayPal and Facebook. With his campaign contributions, the Libertarian Thiel influences the Republican party, as Heather Somerville wrote recently. And now he is relying on human growth hormones in the hopes Read More →

Peter Thiel embraces disruption, Berkeley-style

Disruption is this tech boom's cliche. But famed billionaire investor Peter Thiel got a taste of disruption of a different kind in Berkeley Wednesday night, as the San Jose Mercury News reported. The PayPal cofounder powered through his Read More →
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