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A Twitter campaign to push Twitter to release its workforce data

Google has done it. So has Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and most recently Salesforce. Apple's CEO told Bloomberg that he will "at some point." But so far, Twitter has not said it will release data about its workforce demographics. Now, Rev. Read More →

Regulators sue Amazon on billing practices for in-app purchases

Now it's Amazon's turn. The Federal Trade Commission announced Thursday that it was suing Amazon in federal court alleging that the retail giant illegally billed parents millions of dollars for purchases. At issue are "in-app" purchases, virtual items children Read More →

Apple points regulators to Google’s practices

Politico reported Wednesday that Apple, under scrutiny for its billing practices for so-called "in-App purchases" from the Federal Trade Commission, pointed regulators to an article about Google's practices. The regulators were looking at Apple practices that had allowed kids Read More →

“ISIS” a popular name – a little too popular for mobile payments group

It’s got to be uncomfortable when the name of your business turns out to be the same as the name of a notoriously violent, extremist militant group. So it was understandable when the mobile payments consortium known as Isis Read More →

Apple’s looking for a java whiz to keep its staff nice and wired

One of the benefits of working at Apple, it appears, is easy access to a strong cup of joe from its in-house brew team. But what sort of perks do those human percolators get? Apply for the job of ''iCup Technician" and Read More →

Amazon pushes back on the bully narrative in its Hachette dispute

Amazon is looking out for the best interest of its customers in its battle with the publisher Hachette, an Amazon executive told the Wall Street Journal. In its three-month battle with Hachette over the price of e-books sold, Amazon Read More →
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