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Tech and privacy: The FBI on Apple, Google and encryption; Russian and Australian laws

There's plenty of news about tech and privacy/surveillance, in the United States and beyond, and some of it might make you shudder: • FBI Director James Comey said Thursday he's concerned about Apple and Google's moves to encrypt the data on Read More →

Apple releases iOS 8.0.2 after series of software glitches

After a series of glitches and delays, perhaps the third time will be the charm for iOS 8. Apple on Thursday evening unleashed iOS 8.0.2, its latest update to software for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The release aims to fix issues Read More →

Apple quickly pulls update to iOS 8

Apple on Wednesday released and then quickly retracted an update to the software that underlies iPhones and iPads after early adopters reported numerous bugs. The update was the first for iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's operating system for mobile Read More →

Surprise iPhone 6 Plus feature: It bends

After two weeks of breathless coverage, we thought we’d scrutinized the iPhone 6 Plus from every angle. But we didn’t think to ask whether it would be compatible with skinny jeans. Over the past few days, some users have come forward Read More →

iPhone 6 models offer new — but still immature — calling feature

Apple's iPhones 6 devices have a cool new calling feature, but how well it works -- or even if it's available at all -- depends on your carrier. The new iPhone 6 models support a new calling standard called Read More →

Tech and surveillance: Google, Apple and the cops, and more

On one hand, the tech industry has taken a hit and is frustrated by government action/inaction on mass spying. On the other hand, it looks like law enforcement is frustrated, too, as Apple and Google take action to thwart surveillance. Read More →
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