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Quoted: President Obama on patriotic tech companies

"They're patriots." — President Obama, on tech companies. The president said Silicon Valley companies want to help the government "solve the problem" of accessing the communications of terrorism suspects — despite recent moves by tech companies to protect user Read More →

Off topic: Cold places, words of 2014, MLK archive

A look at the coldest inhabited place in the world. Speaking of cold, is tourism bad for Antarctica? Mobilepay, selfi and other words of the year from different countries. And an archive of Read More →

Is Google Glass just getting a fashion makeover?

News that Google would stop selling its Glass eyewear next week left many pronouncing (and/or celebrating) the death of the high-tech gadgetry, but there is also plenty of evidence that the company is merely seeking a clean slate before marketing Read More →

Report shows big gains in solar employment

The market is hot for solar workers. The Solar Foundation this week released the National Solar Jobs Census, which shows that the number of U.S. solar workers as of November 2014 rose 21.8 percent year over year, to 173,807 workers. It Read More →

Is the pendulum swinging on tech companies and surveillance?

Since the Edward Snowden disclosures, tech companies have taken multiple steps to rebuild user trust, including beefing up the encryption in their products and services. But with the terrorist attacks in France this month, will governments succeed in pressuring tech firms Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the Friday menu. Studies have said it before and this one says it again: One-third of Americans would rather give up sex — for a year — than their mobile phones. Marissa Mayer reorganizes Yahoo's ad product team, Read More →

Quoted: on the safety of self-driving cars

"The expectation of zero fatalities with self-driving vehicles is not realistic. It is not a foregone conclusion that a self-driving vehicle would ever perform more safely than an experienced, middle-aged driver." — from a white paper from the University Read More →

VCs pumped $20 billion into software startups in 2014

In the record-shattering year of venture investing, there is one industry that dominated. Software. Yes, software has always been huge -- venture capitalist Marc Andreessen famously said years ago that "Software is eating the world." But in 2014, it reached unseen levels of funding. Why? Read More →

Intel announces family bonding-leave plan for employees

New moms and dads who work at Santa Clara-based Intel will now get a little more time to spend with their young ones on the company's tab. Brian Krzanich, the chipmaking giant's CEO, unveiled a new paid "bonding-leave program" that will Read More →

Off topic: Art staring, eyeball tattoos, cost of debt, bowling ball in water

A different perspective: What works of art see. Speaking of seeing, eyeball tattoos. This might be of interest: The average lifetime cost of debt, state by state. And What If explores the sinking/floating Read More →
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