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Facebook to keep building products; Zuckerberg urges patience on results

Facebook has spent a ton of money recently to buy startups with some potentially game-changing tech products – like the Oculus virtual reality system and the WhatsApp messaging service – after the the giant social network met Read More →

Google Glass already available through secondary, Chinese online market

Chinese online merchants are already reselling Google Glasses in China for more than twice the $1,500 retail price after snapping them up from customers who were hand-selected for Google’s Explorer program. While Google gained international publicity for its one-day Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here are news links we've gathered from the Interwebs today. DIY mobile: Google is planning to sell modular smartphones beginning in January 2015. Silicon Valley worker-poaching case: Apple wants to keep evidence that Steve Jobs was a "bully" Read More →

Quoted: Hacker ‘Weev’ is free, talking about his business model

"My business model is short equities. I am here to shift the market cap of publicly traded companies downward by publicizing problems in their technical infrastructure. Very few people manage to do this." — Andrew Auernheimer, a.k.a. Weev, in Read More →

Heartbleed bug even buggier than first thought

The so-called Heartbleed bug not only is turning out to be among the most widespread cyber vulnerabilities around, it's also proving tough to detect. London-based security firm Hut3 has found that 95 percent of the software tools designed to determine whether Read More →

Off topic: Inventions and WWI, ‘The Foodroom,’ morality around the world, TL;DR Wikipedia

So you know, 10 inventions that became successful because of World War I include Kleenex and tea bags. "You tell corporate I'm not putting apple slices on my menu" — from "The Foodroom," or what an Aaron Sorkin TV Read More →

Tesla roundup: Shares down; sales in Arizona, N.J.; special delivery from Elon Musk

Some parties along for the Tesla roundup ride today are investors, car dealers and yes, the state of New Jersey. • As the tech sell-off continues, Tesla shares are down more than 2.5 percent as of this post, recovering from a Read More →

They’re using Airbnb for WHAT!??!!?

Savvy sex workers in the Big Apple are adding their own little entrepreneurial twist to Airbnb, the controversial but red-hot home-sharing site, by renting out apartments for quickies, nooners, and afternoon delights. Why, you ask? The bottom line, of course. According to Read More →

Mt. Gox chief refuses judge’s order to testify in his own U.S. bankruptcy case

The founder of the notorious bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has told the U.S. justice system, "nah, I don't think so," in response to a judge's demand that he travel to the U.S. to explain to officials how and why his Read More →

Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign heading for the exits?

Microsoft may be ending its Scroogled ad campaign against Google, according to ZDNet. For more than a year, the software giant has produced ads that slam Google products and services over privacy concerns and alleged deceptive practices. Read More →
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