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On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your Monday tech news links right here. Analyst: Google will beat Apple to become first member of trillion-dollar club. Google, Facebook, etc. would be affected if Ireland gets rid of the "Double Irish" tax loophole. Ireland is Read More →

Quoted: on aiming OKCupid’s arrow high

"When 100 percent of relationships start online, then we will have succeeded." — Sam Yagan, CEO of and founder of OKCupid, says the goal is to have everyone use "online dating the way everyone uses Amazon." (OKCupid, the Read More →

Off topic: Visiting the sun, pay to laugh, presidents’ speeches, population map

What if you wanted to visit the sun for just a nanosecond? LOL: Comedy club charges per laugh, thanks to facial-recognition software. Analyzing the sophistication of presidential speeches over time. And fun Read More →

Gilead’s new Hep C drug gets U.S. approval

Hepatitis C patients got closer to a breakthrough treatment when U.S. regulators on Friday approved the sale of the first pill that promises to cure most people with the illness — without requiring other medication that may cause serious side Read More →

Tesla, the ‘D’ay after: Stock stalls

Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself may not "really follow the stock that much," as he told Bloomberg TV's Betty Liu, but does his wallet pay attention? His company's shares are down about 6 percent today to about $240.15 Read More →

Microsoft’s Nadella rethinks karma and gives a gender lesson

Good things come to those who wait. That could have been the takeaway advice from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who spoke at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in Phoenix Thursday. Instead, by his stumble, Nadella offered a window into Read More →

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo got death threats from ISIS

After repeatedly suspending the Twitter accounts of groups associated with ISIS, CEO Dick Costolo revealed that he and his employees had been threatened by the brutal jihadist faction that has carried out and publicized beheadings of journalists and Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your Friday tech news links right here. Coming soon: Google's largest phone, a device with a 5.9-inch screen. Code name? Shamu. Other investors get on board with activist shareholder Starboard Value, which is pushing for a Yahoo-AOL Read More →

Quoted: Jony Ive on imitation as ‘theft’

"You spend seven or eight years working on something, and then it’s copied. I have to be honest, the first thing I can think, all those weekends that I could have at home with my family but didn’t. I think Read More →

The Yahoo Directory is headed for history’s scrap heap

A Silicon Valley landmark is coming down at the end of the year, and while landmarks in the tech-centric region are sometimes more cyber than brick-and-mortar, their passing is still a cause for reflection. In this case, the landmark is the Read More →
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