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Twitter adds a new feature for the “blue-checkmark” crowd …

More perks for the elite:  Twitter is adding a new feature for famous people that will let them know when another famous person has followed them on Twitter. It’s part of a strategy to encourage celebrities, "thought leaders" and other influential Read More →

Who cares about net neutrality, and what did they say?

We've written that the FCC received more than 1 million public comments on its proposed net neutrality plan. (The plan that critics say wouldn't actually preserve net neutrality, or the principle of equal treatment of online traffic.) Now there are Read More →

Check out the cray new words in the ol’ Oxford

Time for the quarterly update of And at the rate these linguistic overlords are scooping up brand new words from every nook and cranny of modern culture, it's a wonder the good book doesn't end up a big hot mess. Hot Read More →

Quoted: Edward Snowden on tech vs. surveillance

"We have the means and we have the technology to end mass surveillance without any legislative action at all, without any policy changes." — Edward Snowden, in an interview with Wired. The former government contractor who leaked classified government Read More →

Yahoo rolls out Stores to help upstart businesses sell online

Yahoo on Thursday unveiled a new web service for small businesses looking to sell their goods online. The Sunnyvale Internet giant is attempting to revamp its offerings to small businesses, this time with a suite of services for upstart retailers that Read More →

Off topic: Teenage love affair with music, nutritional fight, dangerous food, One World Trade Center

What was playing during your first kiss, your first prom, your first... toke? Why songs from our teenage years still sound so sweet. Who would win in a food fight: Quinoa vs. brown rice, agave nectar Read More →

Samsung unveils metal smartphone

Meet the Galaxy Alpha – Samsung’s first metal smartphone. The South Korean electronics giant introduced on Wednesday its newest smartphone, which will soon hit stores. Samsung’s announcement sets the stage for a fresh sales war with Apple, which is expected to Read More →

It’s the workplace, stupid, says new study on female engineer dropouts

Nearly 40 percent of women with engineering degrees leave the profession or never enter the field, according to a new study, reported by National Public Radio. It's not due to a lack of confidence, a dearth of mentors or Read More →

Music and tech: Kenny Loggins’ Kickstarter; Spotify and BandPage

Some musicians fight technology for various reasons, including that they feel they're getting ripped off. Not Kenny Loggins. He turned to Kickstarter for his piece of the pie, and with one day left to go in his crowdfunding Read More →

Are you ready to be annoyed, Internet user?

Consider yourself warned, dear Internet user. Due to some highly esoteric computer-engineering-related reasons, which I can't and won't try to explain because I myself don't understand it, Internet users may be in for a rough spell with possible outages next week. Why, Read More →
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