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Mozilla names interim CEO

Mozilla has named Chris Beard, an executive in residence at Greylock Partners, as the firm's interim chief executive, reports Mitchell Baker, the executive chairman of the Mozilla Foundation on her blog. Beard, formerly Mozilla's chief marketing officer, will Read More →

Share the wealth: Facebook reportedly thinking payments

Facebook has gotten many of us to open up about our lives and loves and everything in between. It may now want us to open up our wallets, too. The Financial Times reports that the company is nearing Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Will U.S.-Russia political tensions threaten growing tech ties?

Between the Olympics and the current unpleasantness in the Ukraine, Russia’s been very much in the news of late. That’s also true in the startup community. From Yuri Milner’s jaw-dropping bets Read More →

Heartbleed bug bites Canada’s tax agency

The Heartbleed bug, the software vulnerability that has exposed vast numbers of websites to hackers, is beginning to claim victims. On Monday, Canada's tax collector — the Canada Revenue Agency — disclosed that it "has been notified by the Government of Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we've scanned the Interwebs for news you can use. Is your Android device vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug? Also, BlackBerry plans patches for BBM on iOS and Android. Speaking of security, Google may push websites to Read More →

Quoted: Fred Wilson, a VC, on how startups are like kids

"Just because they’re not successful doesn't mean you can just bail on them. It’s like having a kid, right? You can’t decide to have a kid and then at age 10 just say, 'Okay, I’m out of here.' You’ve got Read More →

Off topic: Speeding and radars, from trademark to generic, Dewey decimals and you, profanity in the news

If you take those signs that say speed "enforced by radar" literally, "it would also destroy the offender, car, police officer, road, and all other traffic for miles around" — or the funniest question answered by What If Read More →

Dropbox defends appointment of Condoleezza Rice to board

In a blog post Friday, Drew Houston, Dropbox's chief executive, responded to critics of the firm's decision to appoint former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the private company's board. This week, we wrote about the heated Read More →

That was the most seductively sensuous ham sandwich I’ve EVER eaten!

Apparently, we're all having a hard time seeing the line between sex and food. A team of researchers led by Stanford University linguistics professor Dan Jurafsky spent time - a LOT of time - dissecting nearly 1 million restaurant reviews on Read More →

Why Condoleezza Rice joining Dropbox board isn’t a Mozilla moment

Internet protesters are at it again, using an online petition and Twitter to lobby Dropbox to drop newly-announced Condoleezza Rice from its board. On Dropbox's blog, where CEO Drew Houston announced Rice's appointment this week, there are more than Read More →
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