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Off topic: Gold (and other) teeth, reimagining the umbrella, Wall Street wishes, colors

The history of grills: "Humans have something in common: the desire to change their appearance — teeth included." It's raining new umbrella designs. Author Michael Lewis has a wish list for Wall Street. And watch Read More →

Lending Club IPO rises to $1 billion

Lending Club, which went public last week in the largest offering from a California company this year, announced on Tuesday it had sold additional shares to raise its total IPO earnings to just more than $1 billion. The San Francisco-based Read More →

Uber to Sen. Franken: We respect user privacy

Uber, fighting on multiple fronts in multiple countries, attempted this week to satisfy one critic, Sen. Al Franken. The Minnesota Democrat wrote to the ride-sharing firm asking the company for information about its privacy policy and to answer to specific allegations Read More →

Broadband providers: Net neutrality plan wouldn’t hurt investment

One of the arguments employed by those against net neutrality and reclassification of broadband is that it would negatively affect investment in broadband networks. But for those keeping track at home, the number of broadband providers that say reclassification wouldn't Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we've got your tech news links right here. Dozens more companies sign up to take Apple Pay. Meanwhile, Samsung is reportedly in negotiations to launch an Apple Pay rival in 2015. Survey: People are taking more steps Read More →

Quoted: Spotify CEO on lessons learned from Taylor Swift

"The public probably learned there’s something called Spotify, and that it’s not Pandora." — Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, on what the public learned from Taylor Swift's decision to pull her music from the streaming service. Ek also tells Read More →

Stanford to study social impact of artificial intelligence

With our panoply of smart machines increasingly making decisions for us, Stanford University on Tuesday announced it is launching a century-long study to examine the societal implications of artificial intelligence. The study will look into everything from the impact artificial intelligence Read More →

Off topic: Christmas music, ranking ‘Star Trek’ episodes, air traffic control, 60 seconds

Do you hear what I hear: holiday music by the numbers. For serious Trekkies, a trip down memory lane: All 695 episodes of all "Star Trek" series, ranked. For its first wonder of the modern world, Slate Read More →

Google gives us a look into the rear-view mirror of 2014

It's that time of year, and Google has again released its top search trends for 2014. The lists offer an intriguing glimpse back at what we were all consumed most by during the year, patterns that are reflected Read More →

Spain regrets Google News shutdown

Update 12/16/2014: Google News has shut down in Spain. On the eve of Google pulling the plug on Google News in Spain, the Spanish newspaper publishers who had pushed for a stringent new copyright law seem to be having second thoughts about Read More →
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