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Google going Gangnam style with new offices in Seoul … and maybe SoCal

Google’s going Gangnam style, opening a new South Korean startup center in the trendy Seoul neighborhood. It’s also reportedly eyeing spacious new digs for its Los Angeles offices – in a historic aircraft hangar. If you’ve been following the Internet giant, Read More →

Web filled with malicious “one-day wonders,” report finds

The Internet is awash with websites and related parts called sub-domains that are chockablock with nasty malware, a new study has discovered. The report by Sunnyvale security firm Blue Coat Systems said these so-called one-day web wonders help crooks set Read More →

Quoted: on startups and changing the world

"I'd love to create more meaningful products that have a significant impact on the world, but how can I if I can’t afford to pay my own rent first?" — Pieter Levels, 28, whose goal is to launch 12 Read More →

Off topic: List mania, guns in movies, nail polish with a purpose, GIFs and geometry

Let me get this straight, you want a list of lists of lists? F is for firearms in IMFDB, a site that catalogs firearms that have appeared in movies, and the actors and actresses who wielded Read More →

Are you discussing the NSA’s own version of Google?

The name's not quite as catchy, but the NSA reportedly has its own Google, a surveillance engine called ICREACH. Reports from the Edward Snowden leaks have previously revealed that domestic spy agencies share information with one another, but the Read More →

Smartphone mania may have foul consequence

Smartphone users yakking constantly into their devices may not be their only social offense, a new study has found. Among millennials - those 18 to 24 - 90 percent regard their phone as more important than deodorant, according to a Read More →

GoPro goes to the dogs

What better way to celebrate National Dog Day 2014 than for GoPro to unveil Fetch, its new camera-carrying harness that will turn your hound dog into the next Hitchcock. GoPro, of course, is the red-hot San Mateo-based maker of affordable, wearable, Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's some news that caught our eye today. ICYMI: California kill-switch bill for smartphones signed into law. Also ICYMI: Facebook says it's cracking down on "click bait" in headlines and captions. California state Sen. Ben Hueso arrested for DUI last week, hours after Read More →

Quoted: on Russia’s startup environment

"The chances of any startup working are already low, and if you add up the corruption risk and legal and political risk, it's insane to start a company [in Russia] if you could move it to California or England." — Read More →

Off topic: It’s all good, U.S. of sweets, song serendipity, a sexier Farmer’s Almanac

Don't lose hope, check out these scientific studies that might restore your faith in humanity. Take a sweet trip across the United States of desserts. Speaking of maps, Serendipity on Spotify shows where in Read More →
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