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Yelp expands to restaurant reservations, delivery

Yelp has acquired mobile reservations service SeatMe in a move designed to deepen the review website's relationships with local businesses and compete with FourSquare and Square, both favorites among local businesses. The $12.7 million acquisition, which the company announced Thursday, offers Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Roger Lee of Battery Ventures

In our latest installment of Elevator Pitch, we talk to Roger Lee, who's been a Silicon Valley tech investor since 2001. Before that, he spent a decade co-founding companies like Read More →

Quoted: On design, Tesla and ‘that iPhone moment’

"It’s like the leap of faith Apple took with the iPhone. There’s a cleanliness to the interior. The screen is the hero. We are in the midst of that transition toward a new way of thinking. For me, it’s that Read More →

Off topic: Deja vu, hacking ‘marriage,’ Mobius magnet, dads in bands, coffee and you

Scientists' hypotheses abut deja vu — which is hard to study because it would require replication of the feeling. Some activists are literally hacking the dictionary definitions of "marriage." Behold a superconductor puck navigating around a roller-coaster-like Read More →

Here’s the craziest wedding video you’ll see today

The Draper family isn't just one of the most decorated in the history of Silicon Valley venture capital -- it's also one that's always been comfortable living its collective life in public. Patriarch Bill Draper has had dual careers as Read More →

Uber ice cream is on its way

This Uber ice-cream-on-demand plan is enough to make me go all old, cranky dude. I mean, come on. Do we really need the mobile app car service company to bring us a double chocolate mint in a cone at the Read More →

Post-earnings stock watch: Intel and eBay down, SanDisk up

We take a look at three Silicon Valley big movers on the stock markets today — Intel, eBay and SanDisk — a day after they reported earnings: • First, Intel isn't having a very happy 45th birthday — at Read More →

Spying saga: Transparency push by tech, others; U.S. board probe; German feels heat over Facebook invite

In a call for transparency about government surveillance, tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter, along with investors, non-profits and trade organizations today sent a letter to President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, NSA Director Keith Read More →

Quoted: on Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ and the Emmys

"I was kind of surprised, because I don't really think of Netflix as being television... (It's) sort of odd the academy is so up-to-date." — Garth Ancier, a former network chief and an Emmy voter, on receiving DVDs of Read More →

Off topic: Messages in bottles, crossing cultures, goodbye love letter, Rolling Stone covers, coffee in space

Messages in bottles, through the years. Lessons in cross-cultural living includes a graph of the "number of appropriate cheek kisses." From Richard Burton's goodbye letter to Elizabeth Taylor: "I am a smashing bore and Read More →
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