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Mobile talk: BlackBerry 10 is coming; Nokia Lumia surprise; iPhone tidbits; Mozilla phone

The mobile news is ringing off the hook: • The new BlackBerrys are coming — to three of the top U.S. wireless carriers at the end of the month. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile reportedly indicated they would carry the new Read More →

Quoted: on the gender gap in access to the Internet

"They will say that I have to do household work and look after children, so I don't need [the] Internet." — a respondent from India to Intel's survey, Women and the Web, on why her family would Read More →

Off topic: Richard Marx vs. blogger, shaming fitness app, mystery books that get it right, foosball history, architect ABCs

A blogger comes face to face with the "shameless" Richard Marx. Speaking of shame, there's a new app that will let your social-media friends know when you've failed in your fitness goals. Washington Academy of Sciences unveils Read More →

CES dispatches: RIM exec touts BlackBerry 10 ahead of launch

To hear Research in Motion executive Richard Piasentin tell it, the world just can't wait for BlackBerry 10. Read More →

CES dispatches: ARM exec challenges Intel to ditch x86, make ARM chips

ARM, the designers of the chip architecture that dominates smartphones and tablets, has a message for Intel: Come and join us. Read More →

Google invests $200M in west Texas wind farm

Google announced Wednesday it has made a $200 million equity investment in Spinning Spur, a 161 megawatt wind farm in west Texas. (The photo is Steffi Russell-Egbert and Kojo Ako-Asare from Google's investments team at Spinning Spur). With venture capital Read More →

Outgoing EPA admin Lisa Jackson: The Work We Do is “Vital, almost Sacred”"

Lisa Jackson, the outgoing administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, visited Silicon Valley this week for a candid conversation about energy, innovation and her often stormy four-year tenure in Washington. Jackson, the first African American to hold the top EPA Read More →

CES dispatches: An unexpected celebrity sighting

Celebrities are nothing new at the Consumer Electronics Show. But running into a celebrity live and in the flesh can still be unexpected and fun. Read More →

Google vs. Microsoft: Patents, plus Maps on Windows Phones

Google vs. Microsoft, times two: • Google has reportedly dropped two out of three patent claims against Microsoft that it had filed with the International Trade Commission over the Xbox game console. The move comes after the Read More →

Gilead Science praised for chimp-free research

Gilead Sciences of Foster City, the Bay Area's top biotech company, has won a big cheer from an animal rights group for its promise not to use chimpanzees in its research in this country. The Humane Society of the United States, Read More →
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