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So … is anyone surprised that Google might build a sea-faring server farm?

UPDATE: This post has new material added at the end . . . A floating data center? After some impressive sleuthing, a reporter at the tech news site CNET reported Friday that Google may be building a massive data center that’s currently Read More →

Japan fashion retailer Uniqlo gets inspiration from Apple

It's Apple design imagination meets Japanese technology innovation meets the quick-and-cheap mass production of the clothing  industry. This is the trifecta that has made Tokyo-based clothing retailer Uniqlo soar in popularity and positioned the company for a massive U.S. expansion. The Read More →

Elevator Pitch: Nick Sturiale of Ignition Partners

Nick Sturiale was a partner at one high-profile venture firm (Sevin Rosen) that flamed out after the dot-com bust, and he’s now working to revive another (Ignition Partners, which was formed in Seattle by several Read More →

NSA spying roundup: World leaders’ phone calls, Germany reaction, rally in Washington

There's plenty to round up regarding NSA spying today: • The latest revelation from the Edward Snowden leaks: The NSA monitored phone calls of 35 world leaders with the help of U.S. officials who handed over their phone numbers, according to Read More →

Quoted: Microsoft vs. Apple, for the umpteenth time

"When I see Apple drop the price of their struggling, lightweight productivity apps, I don't see a shot across our bow. I see an attempt to play catch up." — Frank Shaw, the outspoken Microsoft vice president of communications, Read More →

Twitter passes Facebook as teens’ preferred site, survey says

For the first time, Twitter has surpassed Facebook as the favorite social media service for U.S. teenagers, at least according to one recent survey of more than 8,600 teens that comes as Twitter is preparing for its stock market debut. With Read More →

Off topic: Six degrees of pro athletes, dance music, covering Beyonce, ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ not your ‘CSI’ crime scene

Roughly six degrees of another Kevin — that's Garnett, the basketball player, and other current and former athletes in American pro sports. An interactive map of the evolution of dance music. More evolution: of Read More →

Navigant: Installed base of smart thermostats will grow to 32 million by 2020

You've heard of the smart grid. And smart meters. Now there's a robust market for Smart Thermostats, also known as programmable communicating thermostats, or PCTs. According to Boulder, Colorado-based Navigant Research, the global installed base of smart thermostats will grow from Read More →

Amazon wins initial approval for new bubble-shaped, greenhouse offices

Cupertino officials may be in love with Apple’s dreams for its new “spaceship” campus, but city officials in Seattle are just as enamored with Amazon’s plans for a five-story office building formed out of three bubble-shaped structures known as Read More →

YouTube reportedly ready to launch subscription music service

YouTube may be ready to join the crowded field of streaming music subscription services. According to a report by Billboard, YouTube is preparing to launch a service "akin to a Spotify but with video" by the end Read More →
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