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Planetary Resources’ Google-guy-backed effort to mine outerspace gets Bechtel support

Granted this stuff can be a little mind-boggling for us run-of-the-mill Earthlings (OK, me), but Bechtel, one of the world's most ginormous engineering and construction companies, said today that it's going to join  in Planetary Resources' effort to mine Read More →

Tech tools and the Boston Marathon bombing

In the wake of the deadly Monday explosions at the Boston Marathon — in what President Obama this morning called "an act of terror" — some tidbits about the role technology played or is playing in the aftermath: Social Read More →

Google’s Schmidt talks up Facebook Home, Android and Glass .. but not drones

Google’s Eric Schmidt has been speaking out on a variety of topics recently, applauding Facebook’s new smartphone software, extolling the wonders of wearable computers like Google’s Glass - and calling for regulation of unmanned drones. As Silicon Beat’s Levi Sumagaysay reportedRead More →

Quoted: Sex, social and smartphones — on prostitution in Silicon Valley

"Everything I know about social media marketing I learned doing sex work." — Kitty Stryker (not her real name), who works as a social media marketer by day at a Bay Area startup and a prostitute — or "steampunk courtesan" Read More →

Wiretap: Why one VC abandoned China

As I wrote Sunday, a lot of venture capitalists who'd rushed headlong into China in recent years pulled back in 2012, as a dearth of IPOs and mergers tamped down prospects for high returns. Read More →

Off topic: Loving music, music contest, two-letter Scrabble words, coin photos, fake websites on ‘Law & Order’

Your brain on music: It feels good. Speaking of music, the Revitalize Music Contest invites new recordings of old compositions. (via @guykawasaki) From AA to ZA: A poem that includes all 101 two-letter words you Read More →

Apps that disconnect: Erasing your ex on Facebook; blocking third-party trackers

Disconnecting in this constantly connected world? There are, as they say, apps for that. •  Sexy stuff first: Breaking up is hard to do, but apparently it's harder in the Facebook age. Or at least, forgetting is. Enter KillSwitch, whose motto Read More →

Microsoft said to be working on a touch-screen watch, which brings us to, oh, about everybody

Hey, get this: Microsoft's suppliers tell the Wall Street Journal that the company is working on a touch-screen watch. Yeah,  a computer in a watch. Who would have thought? Well, other than Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Sony, Pebble (which Read More →

Quoted: on drones and not-so-friendly neighbors

"How would you feel if your neighbor went over and bought a commercial observation drone that they can launch from their backyard? It just flies over your house all day." — Eric Schmidt, Google chairman, calls for governments to Read More →

Off topic: Butler boom, typists in Rwanda, no-Scrabble words, lipstick history, tour of elevators

The butler did it — bucked the economic malaise, that is. In Rwanda, street typists' jobs are endangered by computers. Words recently dropped from the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. On the origin of modern Read More →
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