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Quoted: Fired exec Pax Dickinson talks misogyny, controversy, ‘biased’ media and… the NSA

" I believe as strongly as anyone that freedom of expression should be protected and that it’s threatened by the government but also by a politically biased progressive shaming culture in our media." — Pax Dickinson, who this week was Read More →

Off topic: Alligator farm, civil rights and graffiti, struck by lighting, simpleton, programming quiz

A story about California's alligator farm — and old Hollywood. Remembering civil-rights champions through graffiti-style murals. Deaths from lightning, as told by a woman who looks for gravestone inscriptions of such things. Attention, word Read More →

Apple’s Woz, Guy Kawasaki, Andy Hertzfeld, Randy Wigginton, Daniel Kottke celebrate revival of the Twiggy Mac

If Silicon Valley had a Mt. Rushmore, you could do worse than chisel the form out of the photo op that erupted Wednesday when a few of Apple's earliest employees (think single-digit employee numbers) stopped Read More →

Apple’s new fingerprint scanner: A good idea gone wrong

Apple's new fingerprint scanner is a good idea. But the company has crippled it so much that it's little more than a gimmick at best and a security problem at worst. Read More →

New iPhones, same old limit on talk-and-surf

There's bad news for iPhone fans on Verizon and Sprint's networks: Apple's newest smartphones have the same problem as its old ones with talking and surfing at the same time. Read More →

Marissa Mayer draws a packed house, but outside …

It wasn't just standing-room-only when Marissa Mayer took the stage Wednesday afternoon at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference: It was pushing-and-shoving-out-to-the-very-edges-of-the-room-only. The place was so packed that security guards had to keep shooing conference-goers away from the stairwells Read More →

Yahoo’s Mayer fields tough questions at Disrupt

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer found herself parrying a barrage of tough questions from TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington at the news blog's annual Disrupt conference on Wednesday, which began with Arrington ridiculing the company's recently revamped logo and ended with him pressing Read More →

Update on my Apple wish list: I got nothing

Updated When it comes to my wish list for the iPhone, it looks like I struck out. In my Tech Files column for Monday, I listed four things I was hoping that Apple would Read More →

Wiretap: Live at TechCrunch Disrupt

It's the third and final day of Silicon Valley's biggest event of the year ... well, of the week, anyway. Marissa Mayer and Mark Zuckerberg are the headliners this afternoon, but the morning sessions haven't been too slouchy either, with Read More →

No wow factor takes bite out of Apple’s shares

Apple's failure to blow the world away during Tuesday's event has taken a pretty big bite out of its shares today. They were down about 5 percent to $469.65 as of this post, continuing the drop that started yesterday after Read More →
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