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Quoted: on how the HP board shuffle wasn’t so easy

"[Boards] are like the Hotel California. Directors check in but they never check out." — William Patterson, executive director of CtW Investment Group, who started the shareholder battle against Ray Lane and other members of the Hewlett-Packard board. The Read More →

Off topic: $5 food, losing out on Olympics, sexism project, boatload of beetles, Hot Wheels history

From bananas to beer, how much food $5 can buy around the world, a video compilation. On failed Olympics bids. The Everyday Sexism Project has collected women's experiences of prejudice and harassment. (via Read More →

Remember this about Apple’s Siri: She’s got a really good memory

Remember when you asked Siri the other day for the address of that massage parlor up in the Tenderloin? And how yesterday you queried her for information about hair plugs? And how about that time you practically begged her to rustle up Read More →

In age of real-time news, social media and Web crowdsourcing, wrong Boston bombing suspects ID’d online

If you weren't glued to Twitter last night and early this morning amid the chaos in Boston, you might have missed how the Internet, social media and real-time news affected coverage of the pursuit of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects: Read More →

Goodreads purchase came while Apple was courting the book-lovers site

Apple was in talks to integrate the online book-recommendation site Goodreads into Apple's iBookstore when last month suddenly announced it was buying Goodreads, according to a Wall Street Journal blog that cites unidentified sources. The discussions between Apple and Goodreads Read More →

Quoted: on Ron Conway as San Francisco angel and more

"I feel pretty comfortable with getting close to people whose values benefit the city. Ten more Ron Conways would be helpful." — Ed Lee, San Francisco mayor, tells the New York Times that being accused of getting too cozy Read More →

Props to the B boys: Silicon Valley companies sweep global awards

Ali Partovi has shown a knack for a good idea. The Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur co-founded LinkExchange, which Microsoft bought in 1998 for $265 million; he then plowed some of that money into Read More →

Off topic: Legos for life, income inequality by subway line, ode to the egg, branding U.S. presidents, photo time travel

"It was always in the back of my mind that I needed to build Lego for a living at some point in my life," says Legoland's master model builder. Median household income in  New York takes a subway ride, Read More →

Powell Jobs: Critics wrong that undocumented workers don’t pay taxes

Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of legendary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, has been criticized for pushing immigration reform to help Silicon Valley recruit and keep highly skilled, immigrant tech workers. But in a nearly 30-minute interview with Bloomberg Radio on the program Read More →
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