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Quoted: on decapitation videos on Facebook

"You've just got to consider: Would this go out on daytime television news? I don't think it would, even with a warning saying this is something you may want to avoid. It crosses a line." — Stephen Balkam, CEO of Read More →

Punter punts on Capital Dynamics job

Capital Dynamics — the Swiss firm that took over vast tech-investment funds raised by three former San Francisco 49ers, then lost a multimillion-dollar wrongful termination lawsuit in March — now has lost the partner Read More →

Off topic: Math and drawing, cattle brands, marked-up books, fasting, randy ruling

Think you can't do math? Well, this math teacher says he's bad at drawing. So he blogs at Math with Bad Drawings. (via Flowing Data) Decoding cattle branding, which is registered, taxed and regulated. They're sure Read More →

Asia! Silver Spring Networks’s first earnings call as a public company

Silver Spring Networks, the Redwood City smart grid company that celebrated its long-awaited IPO in March, marked another milestone Wednesday: the first earnings call as a public company. Silver Spring Networks was founded in Milwaukee in 2002 and provides the Read More →

The Huffington Post goes easy on Tumblr Tweaking Tech Companies that Hire Only Men

The folks feeding the Tumblr, "Tech Companies that only Hire Men," have a great point: Tech companies tend to do a horrible job when it comes to hiring women. Still, they need to pick up their game. As The Huffington Read More →

EFF report ‘Who Has Your Back’: Twitter does, Apple and Yahoo not so much

In these days of Big Data plus a plethora of issues, concerns and legislation regarding government access to technology users' data, plus a reported push to wiretap the Internet, this year's Electronic Frontier Foundation report called Read More →

Quoted: on Yahoo’s baby bump

"Yahoo has to be the only public company in the world where the CEO spends his or her time toiling over work-from-home and paternity policies." — Erik Gordon, a professor at the University of Michigan, on the new baby-bump Read More →

Off topic: Streets of San Francisco, graphology and jobs, apple diversity, liking/hating food, crying babies

The streets (and place names) of San Francisco, on an interactive and historical map. Using handwriting analysis in the hiring process — c'est la vie in France. An apple a day — and more: on the Read More →

Dot-com veteran Justin Kitch takes wraps off new startup, Curious

Back in the dot-com era, Justin Kitch launched a startup called Homestead, which gave online novices simple tools to build websites. Homestead ended up hosting millions of those sites, and Intuit bought Read More →

IBM moves molecules to make world’s smallest movie

You've heard of Big Data and blockbuster movies; Now IBM is going in a completely opposite direction, creating the world's smallest movie. Read More →
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