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Video: Alone, awash in a sea of phone zombies

Are you glued to your phone? If so, you've probably seen a viral video titled "I Forgot My Phone," which has more than 10 million views on YouTube after five days. In case you looked away from your phone long Read More →

Facebook issues its first global report on government data requests

Following the lead of other major Internet companies, Facebook has issued a new report Tuesday that shows it fielded government requests for data on about 38,000 of its users around the world in the first six months of Read More →

Could Siri be just a teeny bit jealous of Google Glass?

Apple's Siri is feeling feisty these days, perhaps miffed by the arrival on stage of yet another personal assistant, this one built right into Google Glass. Apparently, Siri does not suffer fools easily, and a fool in this case would be Read More →

Intel said to be working on advanced 3D camera

While three dimensional cameras aren't new, Intel reportedly is working on one to be introduced in the second half of next year that goes beyond existing models in understanding people and their needs. "You'll add the ability to sense your excitement, Read More →

Quoted: Y Combinator’s Paul Graham on CEOs with ‘strong’ foreign accents

"One quality that's a really bad indication is a CEO with a strong foreign accent. I'm not sure why. It could be that there are a bunch of subtle things entrepreneurs have to communicate and can't if you have a Read More →

Off topic: Haters gonna hate, lottery psychology, worst baseball card, tasty tube map, Trader Joe’s fight

If you read this new study and think, "duh, I could've told you that," then you might have a negative dispositional attitude. "Hey, you never know" — why people play the lottery. Is Bob Hamelin's the Read More →

Tesla’s $20 billion market cap

Last week, I wrote a story about the "Teslanaires" — the people who placed heavy bets on Tesla Motors and are now reaping the rewards as the stock price moves higher and higher. On Tuesday morning, Tesla's stock is Read More →

S.F. tech companies shake up wine-buying experience

Buying wine can be an intensely sensory experience. It may require an afternoon in Napa Valley, lingering over a bottle or a flight of tastings, pausing with each sip as a sommelier details aromas of blueberry and hints of graham Read More →

New Steve Jobs biopic continues to tank

After earning a pitiful $6.7 million nationally its opening weekend, the new movie about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs continued to stumble through its second week, earning only $3 million this past weekend, for a total so far of $12 million. By Read More →

Onward: Netflix is shaking things up. Will Medium?

There's plenty of coverage about how soon-to-depart Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer weighed down the company by failing to think ahead and embrace new things. Today we're pointing the way to a couple of tech execs who are doing Read More →
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