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Off topic: Scrabble tile values, cooking and eating tools, Poitier’s plea to president, Dear Abby advice, only in Palo Alto

Would there be "catastrophic outrage" if Scrabble tile values were to change? R-E-L-A-X, Mattel says it's not going to happen. Utensils led to overbites, and other tidbits about the evolution of cooking and eating tools. Sidney Read More →

Apple seeks someone to help Siri get more, well, real

Apple has posted a JOB LISTING for someone to help the virtual personal assistant Siri find her groove. Not that Siri is shallow or boring, although she sometimes tends to get lazy and even grouchy with some of her replies to Read More →

Inside HP’s new executive briefing center

Hewlett-Packard's new, 37,762-square-foot "executive briefing center" offers plenty of natural light, glass, displays and meeting areas around a historic 100- to 125-year-old California Heritage Oak tree. Here, a display showing a representation of HP's networking and server capabilities emits a Read More →

Smartphones popular, but not in India

Smartphones may be a worldwide hit, but they have yet to catch on in India. Read More →

Signs of the times: U.S. developer outsources his own job; bookless library system in the works

A couple of signs of the tech times, complete with the interesting and somewhat confusing issues that arise with what technology has wrought: • For just a fifth of your six-figure salary, you too might be able to adopt your own Read More →

A silver lining for the grounding of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner

Marc Casto, who traveled to Japan as part of the San Jose delegation on All Nippon Airways' inaugural 787 San Jose-Tokyo flight last week, was routed through San Francisco International Airport on his return Wednesday after the airline grounded its Read More →

Maybe Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight from Silicon Valley-to-Tokyo was never meant to be

Maybe a San Jose-to-Tokyo flight was never meant to be. I'm just saying. The latest international boondoggle out of Silicon Valley sounds a lot like the aviation embarrassment San Jose suffered at the end of the last century. Remember? Then the Read More →

News you can use: iPhone voice calls on Facebook; buying ‘i’ tunes on Amazon; Yelp adding restaurant-inspection info

News you can possibly use, a tad heavy on the iPhone side today: • If you have an iPhone and are among those who still uses it to you know, make phone calls, you can now do so for free in Read More →

Bob’s excellent outsourcing to China adventure: Why not try it?

If you think you're working too hard, you're right. Take it from a guy we'll call "Bob," because everybody else is calling him "Bob," who outsourced his own job to China. Yeah, get this (according to NPR): the computer programmer Read More →

Quoted: on online romance and the Manti Te’o ‘hoax’

"When you make a connection with someone online, oftentimes it feels a little limited, but also safe." — Nev Schulman, host of the MTV reality show "Catfish," on how it's not so far-fetched that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o Read More →
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