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Quoted: on the NSA spying on Americans and their call records

"It's not the society we set forth in the Constitution, and it's not the society we should have." — Kurt Opsahl, an attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, on the disclosure that the National Security Agency is collecting mobile and Read More →

Off topic: Starbucks croissants, canned wine, school of one, ‘Happiness’ hosts’ suicide, book art

On mass-produced croissants at Starbucksmon dieu! More fodder for snobs: canned wine served by Spirit Airlines. A photo essay on a one-student school in Georgia (the country, not the state). "The Pursuit of Read More →

Google’s Schmidt and Cohen on Wikileaks, cyber-threats and self-driving cars

There’s no love lost between Google chairman Eric Schmidt and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.  And riding in one of Google’s driverless cars can be a hair-raising experience. “I’ve been in it and it just freaks you out,” Schmidt said of the Read More →

Startup pitches free smartphone service

Startup wireless provider FreedomPop announced Wednesday that it's launching a new service plan this summer that will offer consumers a limited amount of voice minutes and data and an unlimited number of texts for no ongoing cost at all. Read More →

Tesla Statue will rise in Silicon Valley thanks to Kickstarter

It's a good thing I don't bet (well not much), because I would have bet a ton that there is no way in hell that Dorrian Porter would raise $123,000 on Kickstarter to pay for a Silicon Valley statue Read More →

Yahoo’s Mayer: moving fast, not making everyone happy

Yahoo’s been on a tear since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO last summer, buying companies and overhauling its old products right and left.  The latest update came Wednesday as the company announced a new design for its web search Read More →

Security alert: iPhone hack, Facebook malware, cyber-espionage and more

Feeling insecure? Then brace yourself, because when it comes to tech security, it's already been a long week: • You can't even trust plugs anymore: Researchers say they've found a way to hack an iPhone through its charger. Forbes' Read More →

Exclusive: Craig Barrett rides tall with Tallwave

Craig Barrett may have ridden off into the sunset (or, more accurately, ridden east to Phoenix) after retiring as Intel chairman in 2009, but he still keeps an eye on things out here. On Thursday, he'll Read More →

Quoted: Apple to appeal iPhone, iPad ban

“We are disappointed that the Commission has overturned an earlier ruling and we plan to appeal. . . . (Samsung has) admitted that it’s against the interests of consumers in Europe and elsewhere, yet here in the United States Samsung Read More →

Off topic: Geek or nerd? OK Go, ‘Always Sunny’ and cool Lego cars

Geek or nerd: Which are you? Use this equation to find out. (I think that's a equation; sorry, I'm not a math nerd.) Can OK Go just keep going on making awesome music videos forever? Please? Read More →
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