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Twitter deals with threats against women in the U.K.

There's behaving badly — Anthony Weiner, check. Baseball players, check — on Twitter. Then there are threats. Twitter U.K. announced over the weekend that it is updating rules and adding workers to try to police tweets after Read More →

Veto of Apple iProduct ban: Who else loses besides Samsung?

The Obama administration over the weekend overturned a ban that was scheduled to go into effect today on some Apple products, a rare move — it had been more than a quarter century since a similar veto — Read More →

Has Apple found a way to keep those darned iWatches ticking?

The iWatch rumor mill continues to tick-tick-tick. On the heels of the very real news that Apple was locking down naming rights for its purpoted "iWatch'' in countries scattered around the globe, MacRumors and other blogs are suggesting  the company may Read More →

Microchip sales perking up

Here's a bit of good news for the microchip industry, which has been troubled  by a sales slowdown lately. Worldwide sales of the tiny circuits hit $74.65 billion during the second quarter of 2013, an increase of 6 percent from the Read More →

Quoted: Where’s the beef? In the lab, funded by Google’s Sergey Brin

"I actually think that's a good thing. If what you're doing is not seen by some people as science fiction, it's probably not transformative enough." — Sergey Brin, on bankrolling a lab-made hamburger — which the Google co-founder acknowledges Read More →

Off topic: Chinese singing contests, ‘Zeitoun’ follow-up, Lego librarians, Starbucks quiz, dongle origin

You can't do that (too much) on television: China is cracking down on singing contests. If you read Dave Eggers' Hurricane Katrina tale "Zeitoun," here's a short, sobering sequel. After the introduction of a Lego librarian, Read More →

With looming BART strike, Uber offers boat-to-work option

After last month's BART strike turned out to be a boon for ride-sharing services, Uber is planning to make a splash during the second impending walkout. Uber, the hire-a-car app company in San Francisco, on Monday will add boats Read More →

Facebook’s $1 million bounty program for security bugs

Facebook has always said it likes hackers.  On Friday the social networking company announced it has paid out more than $1 million in bounties to security researchers – sometimes known as “white-hat” hackers – who helped Facebook find potentially harmful Read More →

Uber sees 4X growth in East Bay

In just a few short years, ride-sharing company Uber has blossomed from a lean-and-mean startup into a global force with drivers from Paris to Chicago, and London to Philadelphia. But some of the company's strongest growth lately has been in the Read More →
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