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Apple, Facebook and Google earnings provide hangout fodder for Pat & Mike from Silicon Valley

Pat and Mike get together on a Google Hangout to unwind the mysteries of Silicon Valley earnings reports -- and what a tangled mess they weave. They look at Apple, which has gone from fabulous to flat; and Read More →

Android’s Andy Rubin plans to join Googler caffeine fest in Los Altos

Googler and ex-Android guy Andy Rubin is apparently among the cabal that is secretly working to make sure there is one coffee shop for each and every one of Los Altos' 30,000 residents. The Silicon Valley Business Journal reports that Read More →

World energy consumption to increase 56 percent by 2040

The global appetite for energy is going nowhere but up. And with it, emissions of carbon dioxide. A new forecast by the U.S. Energy Information Agency finds that world energy consumption is projected to increase by 56 percent over the Read More →

Twitter: Here a fake tweet, there a fake tweet…

Is that a fail whale we see? Twitter has apologized for a blunder this week when it used fake tweets from three real-life Twitter users in a marketing graphic to promote its ad platform. The made-up testimonials on San Francisco-based Twitter's marketing Read More →

Quoted: Bid to restrict NSA snooping rejected

"To think that the Congress has substantial oversight of this program is simply incorrect." -- Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-San Jose, as she argued Wednesday in support of an amendment to a defense bill that would have restricted Read More →

Off topic: Duck Tales, royal baby, pickup hoops, Carlos Danger

Scientifically accurate "Duck Tales" is almost as fun as the original. Prince George Alexander Louis? The royal baby is obviously named in an homage to "Seinfeld." 10 tips on how to play Read More →

Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison honored

Apple founder Steve Jobs and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison (pictured here) were inducted Wednesday into the Bay Area Council's Business Hall of Fame. “Larry Ellison and Steve Jobs are transformational, larger-than-life business leaders whose genius, determination and audacity have defined and Read More →

Spying saga: NSA’s ‘unsearchable’ email; tech lobbying; how Americans feel

As the NSA surveillance saga turns, here are a few interesting stories: • File this under "Seriously?": The National Security Agency can scoop up plenty of others' communications, from phone call to Internet-based data, but it says it can't search its Read More →

Silicon Valley’s Toxic Waste stirs memories — and why not?

Alexis C. Madrigal of The Atlantic writes a fascinating tale of the ghosts of Silicon Valley --  most of those ghosts being the old semiconductor fabs and the toxic stew left behind by the years of chip manufacturing that Read More →

Quoted: ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ documentary, with Mark Zuckerberg cameo

"Are you guys recording? Can you please not?" — Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, who has an unplanned cameo in the new documentary "Terms and Conditions May Apply." (Preview below) Filmmaker Cullen Hoback, who had asked Zuckerberg his thoughts on Read More →
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