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Off topic: U.S. of objects, planting guide, small things made big, quotable man

From a bald eagle to Levi's jeans, Smithsonian magazine's picks for 101 Objects that Made America. An infographic for the green-thumbed among us: which plants grow well together and which don't. It's a small world, but that's Read More →

PayPal offers free online payment for promising startups

PayPal is the latest Silicon Valley behemoth to lend a hand to budding entrepreneurs with a new program that lets startup web services use the online payment system for free. San Jose-based PayPal, the online and mobile payment platform owned by eBay, Read More →

NSA spying: Secret tap into Google, Yahoo info; Google headache in Brazil

Another day, another doozy of a revelation about NSA spying from the Edward Snowden leaks. This time, it involves Google, Yahoo, the cloud and a program called "Muscular." The NSA is secretly intercepting Google and Yahoo data as it Read More →

Panasonic to supply more battery cells to Tesla

Tesla Motors and Panasonic Corporation announced Wednesday that Panasonic will expand its supply of automotive-grade lithium-ion battery cells to the Palo Alto-based maker of electric cars. The deal expands a 2011 arrangement and means that Panasonic will give Tesla Read More →

Apple hoping for iPhone, iPad sales outside Chinese major cities

With its net income down, Apple is looking for new iPhone and iPad opportunities outside of China’s major cities. Apple CEO Tim Cook said on a conference call this week that Apple is adding more outlets besides Apple stores to move Read More →

Adobe hacking victims reportedly grow to 38 million

A little more than three weeks after disclosing that hackers had gained access to credit card and other personal information for nearly 3 million of its customers, Adobe Systems of San Jose is now saying more than 38 million users Read More →

Today in the People’s Court: Woman ticketed for driving while wearing Glass

Well it was bound to happen:  A Southern California woman has become the first person (that we know of) to get a ticket for driving while wearing her Google Glass. Cecelia Abadie, a Glass enthusiast who frequently posts about her experiences Read More →

Quoted: on the harrowing battle to take Dell private

"It’s like going into a haunted house, and every time you go around a corner some ghost pops up, and then a witch flies down on a broom, and then you go into another room and some devil tries to Read More →

Off topic: Top inventions, teachers and status, horror-film bias, NSA haikus

From paper to refrigeration, what experts and technologists — including Kleiner Perkins' John Doerr and Cisco's Padmasree Warrior — see as the 50 greatest inventions since the wheel. A chart of how different countries see teachers, identify them with Read More →

NSA spying: What president knew; USA Freedom Act; collection of European info

Welcome to yet another edition of an NSA spying roundup, in which we offer bite-size nibbles of the continuing fallout from the revelations about massive surveillance by the National Security Agency — enabled by, as Sen. John McCain Read More →
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