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Trader Joe’s customers express sticker shock at price increase for “Two Buck Chuck” wine

Trader Joe’s bumped up the price of its famous $1.99 “Two Buck Chuck” Charles Shaw wine by another 50 cents on Jan. 16, catching many of Chuck’s loyal customers off guard. After 11 years, Trader Joe’s said it finally had to Read More →

AMD’s revenue beats expectations, but loss widens

With its chip sales suffering from the slumping demand for personal computers, Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday reported sales for the 4th quarter and year that met or exceeded analysts' forecast. But the Sunnyvale company sank deeper into the red. AMD Read More →

Nvidia looks to even score in games market

Nvidia is getting out of its comfort zone in an effort to make more money off of video games. But that could be an indication of trouble ahead for the company. Read More →

Envious of your Facebook friends? Study says you’re not alone

Studies — many are stinkers. But it's hard to resist writing about one by German researchers that says Facebook leaves many users envious and unhappy, and may even "endanger platform sustainability" in the long run. Why? People compare themselves to Read More →

Michael Moritz: Why [24]7 is poised for big things

It’s a busy time for Campbell-based [24]7, which makes software to help big companies run their customer service operations. Last week, the company named Bill Robbins – ousted in late October as head of Read More →

Tech and policy: Social media and the workplace; Groupon halts gun deals; will Google pay French news outlets?

Once again, we're at the intersection of tech and policy: • Talking shop in the age of social media is fraught with all kinds of issues. The National Labor Relations board has been asking employers to rewrite or scale back rules Read More →

The Pat and Mike Chat: Jan. 22, 2013

Welcome back, everyone (assuming "everyone'' has shown up as expected). Hope you enjoy our five-minute rumination on the hottest new verb in Moneyland (as in, "Let's just BK' the whole thing''), while we try to get our heads around the sprawling Read More →

Quoted: Steve Ballmer slammed in new book by ex-Microsoft exec

"They don't need this guy on stage with this fierce, aggressive look, announcing the next version of Windows and thinking he can score with that." — Joachim Kempin, whom the Associated Press says is the most senior Microsoft executive Read More →

Off topic: Chinese-English translation, imprisoned dads dance with their daughters, pop culture times two, all about ‘you’

Beijing, we have a problem: Famed shopping street in the Chinese capital is told to clean up its English translations. (via Marginal Revolution) A father-daughter dance — in prison. In the age of Honey Boo Boo and TV Read More →

Apple earnings coming this week; let the betting begin

Remember Apple’s Map Flap, when its new iPhone 5 app was erroneously sending some users, well, all over the map? That’s sort of where the analysts are this week as they anxiously await Apple’s quarterly earnings report on Wednesday. Their estimates Read More →
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