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Quoted: Burgers and bots

"The burgers of tomorrow could be made by robots — not employees." — The Employment Policies Institute, in a Wall Street Journal ad arguing against a big U.S. fast-food workers strike Thursday, in which the workers are pushing Read More →

Off topic: Cities and the end of the world, action shots, 50 funny movies, free museum admission

They're just so dense: talking apocalypse and city living — or dying. Action and adventure sports photo-contest winners, gathered by In Focus. Are these the 50 funniest movies of all time? And if a Read More →

Ira unloads some Tesla stock, makes $9.8 million

Ira Ehrenpreis, a longtime champion of clean tech and one of Silicon Valley's most prominent venture capitalists, unloaded 60,052 shares of Tesla Motors stock at the $163 to $164 range, according to a very interesting form filed with Read More →

Wiretap: Microsoft alum Sinofsky wasting no time at Andreessen Horowitz

It's been quite a week for Steven Sinofsky, who ran Microsoft's ginormous Windows division for three years before bowing out in late 2012. After ensconcing himself at Harvard Business School's leafy confines for Read More →

iPhone 5 ad music composer Rob Simonsen talks about writing for Apple commercials

Think of it as an occupational hazard: While working on my column about the piano music in the latest iPhone commercials, I've become a Rob Simonsen groupie. I couldn't reach Simonsen before my column deadline, but I talked to Read More →

Apple iPhone ad inspires favorite commercial contest

As I was writing my column about my obsession with the piano music in Apple's latest iPhone ads, it struck me that the tech industry has a long history of backing their commercials with impressive soundtracks. Impressive, of course, can Read More →

Local man burned up by Apple’s response to iPhone fire

When Michael Kelly's iPhone caught fire last week, he was pretty upset. But Apple's response to the incident has made him livid. Kelly was walking through the living room of his Orinda home on Tuesday, Aug. 20, when he heard a Read More →

Red Burns’ NYU program put tech wisdom ahead of tech genius

I hate it when the first time I hear about an amazing person is when I read her obituary. I suppose it's a reflection on the limits of my own horizons that I had never heard of Red Burns until Read More →

Google’s Barra going to work for the “Apple of China”

The mobile tech industry is abuzz over the news of Google executive Hugo Barra’s departure for a new job at Chinese smartphone-maker Xiaomi.  And it's not just because his move was reported on the same day that news Read More →

Patent reform: Will New Zealand lead the way?

As patent-infringement lawsuits tie up courts and tech companies around the world, complaints -- and calls for reforms -- are growing louder. This week, New Zealand took a potentially groundbreaking stance, banning certain software patents. "A computer program is not Read More →
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