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With looming BART strike, Uber offers boat-to-work option

After last month's BART strike turned out to be a boon for ride-sharing services, Uber is planning to make a splash during the second impending walkout. Uber, the hire-a-car app company in San Francisco, on Monday will add boats Read More →

Facebook’s $1 million bounty program for security bugs

Facebook has always said it likes hackers.  On Friday the social networking company announced it has paid out more than $1 million in bounties to security researchers – sometimes known as “white-hat” hackers – who helped Facebook find potentially harmful Read More →

Uber sees 4X growth in East Bay

In just a few short years, ride-sharing company Uber has blossomed from a lean-and-mean startup into a global force with drivers from Paris to Chicago, and London to Philadelphia. But some of the company's strongest growth lately has been in the Read More →

Smaller screens, smaller prices driving tablet sales

Smaller tablets are selling better than their full-size counterparts, according to a new report from market research firm Canalys, which said this week that two out of three tablets shipped in the second quarter of 2013 had a screen size Read More →

Market movers: LinkedIn, Yelp shares are booming

LinkedIn and Yelp don't have much in common -- business lunches perhaps? -- but encouraging earnings reports and optimism about future gains have sent shares in both Silicon Valley companies soaring over the past two days. Mountain View-based networking site Read More →

Quoted: Details from Sean Parker’s ‘not gross’ wedding

“It was 'Citizen Kane' meets Gatsby – like in its scale — but beautiful, not gross or overwhelming.” -- Ken Fulk, San Francisco designer who helped plan the decor for Sean Parker's lavish Big Sur wedding in June, describing Read More →

Off topic: Fantasy maps, ‘Oregon Trail,’ hipster logos and the new Doctor Who

Check out these maps of unrealized city plans. (Like San Francisco filled with freeways and a second Bay Bridge.) Oops, I just died of typhoid; here's the inside story of the classic computer game "Oregon Trail." Read More →

Tech Files First Take: Google Glass

Google Glass has a lot of potential for certain applications, but the new wearable technology product needs a lot of polishing if it's ever to go mainstream. Read More →

Is you is or is you ain’t my iPad mini with retina display?

The old blogosphere has been talking out of both sides of its mouth lately about a possibly refreshed iPad mini in the works that may or may not, depending on the report one reads, sport that to-die-for retina display Read More →

Adobe buys web-marketing firm

San Jose-based Adobe Systems has bought Satellite, an Atlanta business, from digital marketing company Search Discovery for an undisclosed amount. Satellite's technology helps track the marketing potential of different web sites. Few details were disclosed about the deal.  But in a blog Read More →
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