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Quoted: on Yahoo’s baby bump

"Yahoo has to be the only public company in the world where the CEO spends his or her time toiling over work-from-home and paternity policies." — Erik Gordon, a professor at the University of Michigan, on the new baby-bump Read More →

Off topic: Streets of San Francisco, graphology and jobs, apple diversity, liking/hating food, crying babies

The streets (and place names) of San Francisco, on an interactive and historical map. Using handwriting analysis in the hiring process — c'est la vie in France. An apple a day — and more: on the Read More →

Dot-com veteran Justin Kitch takes wraps off new startup, Curious

Back in the dot-com era, Justin Kitch launched a startup called Homestead, which gave online novices simple tools to build websites. Homestead ended up hosting millions of those sites, and Intuit bought Read More →

IBM moves molecules to make world’s smallest movie

You've heard of Big Data and blockbuster movies; Now IBM is going in a completely opposite direction, creating the world's smallest movie. Read More →

Trulia posts strong Q1 revenue gain

The online real estate site Trulia reported a big gain in first quarter revenue Tuesday, nearly doubling what it reported for last year's first quarter. Revenue for the first quarter of this year was $24 million, Trulia said in Read More →

Facebook to Credo: We do not allow the use of Mark Zuckerberg’s image in any ad

Mark Zuckerberg's political group, called FWD.US., is a highly sophisticated, tech-savvy entity dedicated to passing comprehensive immigration reform. Part of the strategy relies on reaching out separately to key liberals and conservatives. But FWD.US and its two subsidiaries, Americans Read More →

Mobile video startup tout inks deal with Digital First Media

As many a frustrated PR person will tell you, I typically don't write much about product or partnership deals. Then again, it's not every day that my own company inks one. Digital First Media, the corporate parent of the Mercury News, Read More →

Apple’s dilemma: So much money, so much of it overseas

You say you need a quick $17 billion? But you want to avoid paying a heap of taxes in the transaction? What to do? If you were Apple, which is looking to kick back $100 billion to its shareholders by the Read More →

Gadgets galore: BlackBerry CEO’s bold tablet prediction, Google Glass talk

Gadget talk: • BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is looking five years into the future. A couple of key things he sees: No need for tablets. And his company as "the absolute leader in mobile computing — that’s what we’re aiming for," Read More →

HP’s Andreessen vows to stay on

Hewlett-Packard director Marc Andreessen, who was among several board members targeted for ouster by stockholders and some investor advisory services, is determined to remain on the board. “This is the company that built Silicon Valley and deserves to be a glorious success Read More →
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