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Quoted: Hitchhiking 2.0 — on Twitter, Facebook

"I tweet, 'Can anyone give me a ride to school today? I'll buy you breakfast.' I've done it with strangers and I've done it with friends." — Earl Barkley, a teenager in Atlanta, on hitchhiking 2.0 — or, as Read More →

Off topic: Parents left behind, no sex for Frenchwoman, ‘engine,’ meteor-shower guide, pie charts

photo essay about letting go that will probably resonate with many parents and/or immigrants. Opting out of sex for 12 years — and living to write about it. A brief history of the word "engine." Read More →

Startups battle for Bay Area on-demand delivery

From the crowd of e-commerce and Internet companies pursuing retail delivery services, two startups are pulling ahead with aggressive plans to deliver -- faster than ever -- online purchases to Bay Area consumers. The first is Instacart, a San Francisco-based grocery Read More →

Well, at least Apple Store employees don’t have to go through a strip search

Apple Stores are happy places where the lights are brighter than bright and everything shimmers like diamonds and the world just feels right. Right? Not if you're one of the two former employees who have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Cupertino Read More →

(In)security: Hack-a-bye baby, on the monitor; GPS spoofing

Amid reports about how smarter — Internet-connected, you dig? — homes and appliances and things inevitably pose security risks, we make a couple of stops around the old (in)security block: • Parents buy baby monitors to help keep an Read More →

Google Street View ignites mini-protest over damn dam project

Google Street View's latest wrong turn in Thailand had the Mountain View mapmaker straying into international incident territory, says the Associated Press. The wire service reports that about 20 villagers in Sa-eab, about 385 miles north of Bankok, blocked the Read More →

Tesla to open Supercharger station at Fremont factory

Tesla Motors will open a new Supercharger station at its Fremont factory, the 18th in a growing network. The maker of the all-electric Model S sedan is rapidly expanding charging stations, which are free to Model S drivers, along Read More →

Quoted: on ‘independent’ NSA spying review

"Director Clapper will not be a part of the group, and is not leading or directing the group’s efforts. The White House is selecting the members of the Review Group, consulting appropriately with the Intelligence Community." — Caitlin Hayden, Read More →

New CEO puts stamp on Zynga by shaking up exec ranks

Zynga just underwent yet another executive shakeup, this time led by its new CEO, Don Mattrick. The social gaming company announced late Tuesday that three top executives, each of whom had miraculoulsy survived past purges, are Read More →

Off topic: Placebo buttons, pawning Prada, gun-safety oops, taken for a ride, ‘shoefiti’

Conditioned for our comfort: Some buttons — at crosswalks, in elevators — are just there for show. In Hong Kong, the Gucci- and Chanel-carrying "wealthy" who need a loan can hand over their purses for collateral. Read More →
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