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Off topic: Chessboxing, mapping history, Chinese porn censors, solar eclipse, star memes

Chessboxing is described as an intellectual and physical battle of wills. From the battles of Alexander the Great to those of the American Revolution, learning history with the help of interactive maps. (via kottke) "Even if Read More →

Ashish Thakkar and the Mara Group Take a flying leap at becoming the Skype Facebook, Google Talk of Africa

Ashish Thakkar is a big believer in sub-Saharan Africa  and he thinks Silicon Valley should become a big believer, too. "It's time for Africa," says Thakkar, who I first wrote about in August.  And he really means it. Thakkar, 31, who's Read More →

Watch out, Union Square. Here comes Apple!

Apparently unhappy with having simply a jaw-dropping store almost dead-center in the heart of downtown San Francisco, Apple now wants to relocate three blocks north to be totally dead-center. According to  the San Francisco Chronicle, Apple plans to open its new Read More →

Google I/Oh… about your privacy…

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: We trade our privacy for convenience — and some are more comfortable with that than others. The day after Google's I/O developers conference where it unveiled many a new or enhanced Read More →

Cisco’s next CEO may not be chairman

Whoever gets picked to replace John Chambers at Cisco Systems when he retires in several years won't immediately get anointed both CEO and Chairman, according to Chambers. During an interview with Bloomberg TV, he said it makes better sense to keep Read More →

Larry Page on technology, society and Burning Man

Google CEO Larry Page doesn’t give a lot of speeches, and his vocal cord problems are now well-known.  So it was both surprising and rare for him to take the stage at the company’s I/O software conference this week and Read More →

Quoted: Shoot and share? On new ‘smart rifle’

"This kind of technology, in addition to making shooting more fun for them, also allows shooting to be something that they share with others." — Jason Schauble, president of TrackingPoint, a Texas company that's selling what it's calling the Read More →

Off topic: Loneliness, motherhood, spider myths, Gelato University, Klingon translator

On loneliness — not necessarily being alone — and its effect on health. A data-driven look at motherhood. Myths about spiders, a blog by a spider specialist. (via Coudal) Flunking out of Gelato Read More →

Apple hits another insanely great milestone

It  took them nearly five years to do it. But Apple cheerfully announced today that its App Store had hit the 50 billion mark in apps downloaded since the store opened for business in 2008.  It had taken Apple nearly Read More →

Look what’s coming fast in Apple’s rear-view window!

As if Apple didn't already have its hands full with competition on the smartphone front from rivals like Samsung. Now it's Google who's not only nipping at Apple's heels on the subscription-online-radio front, but clamping down its jaws on its Read More →
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