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Apple’s Goliath is victorious over 70-year-old electrical engineer’s David

It's almost too painful to watch these recurring battles: In this corner, some guy claiming he created Siri or came up with the iPad's touch-screen and Apple stole the idea from him. In the other corner, the most valuable company on the Read More →

Pandora switches course in its royalty fight with the music industry

Faced with a formidable new competitor in Apple's iTunes Radio, Pandora, the Oakland online radio company, has switched course in its lengthy battle with the music industry over how much it pays in royalties. The company is giving up pursuing federal Read More →

Patent this: A smart wig from Sony? Plus Apple and photo-focusing

Here's some patent news that won't make you snooze, the kind that involves the patents themselves and not the lawsuits surrounding them. Today, that news comes from Apple and Sony. • First, file this under things you didn't know you needed. Read More →

SolarCity hiring workers as it expands in California

SolarCity, the San Mateo-based provider of solar systems, has opened 10 new operations centers in California, bringing its total number of locations in the state to 24. The big expansion means the company is hiring. It has at least 260 job Read More →

Quoted: on how the NSA may have tapped into Internet data

"Everyone was so focused on the NSA secretly getting access to the front door that there was an assumption they weren’t going behind the companies’ backs and tapping data through the back door, too," — Kevin Werbach, associate professor Read More →

Off topic: Written promos, moniker matters, lucid dreams, famous animals, Instaworld

"Skippy" written in peanut butter and other Pro Bono Promos. "Is your name really your destiny?" Lucid dreamers supposedly can control their dreams, change their narratives and perhaps their lives. From Checkers to Bubbles, a Read More →

Meet the Silicon Valley CEO who introduced President Obama today

Geetha Vallabhaneni, founder and chief executive of San Jose-based Luminix , introduced President Barack Obama at an event today in San Francisco's Chinatown. Speaking before heading to fundraising events, the president called on the House to act on immigration reform and Read More →

Like other tech and media, Yahoo and Katie Couric need each other

Katie Couric as the "global anchor" and "face of Yahoo News" — whether it works or not — represents the latest example of Yahoo's media strategy, which seems to be to generate maximum exposure by filling Read More →

EBay Now offers free delivery for holiday shoppers

EBay's same-day delivery service has all your last-minute Christmas shoppers covered. EBay Now, the company's delivery arm that serves San Francisco and most of the Peninsula and South Bay, will be offering free delivery through Christmas Eve. "With six fewer shopping days Read More →

23andMe ordered to stop selling DNA-testing kit

The FDA has ordered 23andMe to immediately stop selling its DNA-testing kit, saying in a letter released today that the product is being marketed without "marketing clearance or approval." The $99 Saliva Collection Kit and Personal Genome Service (PGS) — which Read More →
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