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Cisco survey: public ready for cars that drive themselves

Most people seem eager for the world of driverless cars, according to a Cisco Systems study. In the survey of more than 1,500 consumers in 10 countries, more than half of the respondents (57 percent) said they'd be likely to Read More →

Google brings Nexus ‘experience’ to unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4

Sure, Google is rolling out big numbers and the expected streaming music service. (See the Merc's live blog.) But a tweet by the Merc's Brandon Bailey from the I/O conference today was particularly intriguing: "Google selling unlocked Read More →

Angelina Jolie, breast cancer and the gene-patenting question

What's Angelina Jolie doing on SiliconBeat? Her much-discussed decision to have a double mastectomy, which the actress wrote about in a New York Times op-ed, is putting the spotlight back on an important question that relates to biotech Read More →

Quoted: on Coursera as ‘big believer’ in educational system

"We actually are big believers in the educational system. And while we think the system is long overdue for an overhaul, we don't want to throw it away and start from scratch." — Daphne Koller, co-founder and co-CEO of Read More →

Off topic: Disabled Disney ‘tour guides,’ brain and grammar, sugar and salt, love and chores, ‘Star Trek’

"This is how the 1 percent does Disney": They reportedly hire "black-market handicapped tour guides" to bypass long lines. Study: Without really thinking about it, brain catches grammatical errors. A global, Big Picture look at sugar and Read More →

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s coffee klatch goes for $610,000 at auction

Put your wallet away Rockefeller. Some as-yet-unknown got-rocks just placed the winning bid for a cup of coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook: $610,000 -- cream and sugar included. Here's CNN's take. My take? I left my $610,000 in my Read More →

Larry Page explains his voice problem, announces research grant

Google's Larry Page has offered the first explanation for his recurring voice problems, which he said Tuesday have been diagnosed as resulting from vocal cord paralaysis. Since a recurring voice problem forced Page to skip several public events last year, the Read More →

Google and Microsoft, together at last — but only on

Google and Microsoft's relationship status? It's complicated. Most of the time, they're at each other's throats, including over antitrust issues. But it looks like Microsoft is playing nice as it rolls out Google chat integration on Read More →

Quoted: Matt Drudge, Silicon Valley posture guru’s satisfied client

"I needed her touch, her observations and her humanity." — Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report, on Esther Gokhale, who the New York Times calls a Silicon Valley posture guru. Drudge says he read her book, titled "8 Steps to Read More →

Nvidia announces price, pre-orders for ‘Shield’ game system

Project Shield -- the Android-based handheld game system being developed by graphic chip maker Nvidia -- is a step closer to reality: It now has an official price, name and list of retailers who will carry it. Read More →
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