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Podcast: Pat goes to Apple land and Mike goes back to school

Pat & Mike are back, regaling you with stories from the front lines of Silicon Valley, one juicy byte at a time. In this episode, Mike gives us an inventory of the highs and lows of a professional journalist "going back Read More →

Zynga rising ahead of earnings

Sure, most tech stocks are up today, but shares of Zynga are jumping 5 percent to $2.69 ahead of the San Francisco social-games maker's scheduled earnings report, thanks to an upgrade from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Before today's Read More →

Talking Apple and cameras: Tech Files radio appearance

Last week, I spoke with public radio host Ann Fisher about digital cameras and camera phones and Apple's recent travails. Read More →

What’s next for a private Dell?

In another sign of the post-PC world's arrival, Dell, once the world's largest computer maker and worth more than $100 billion, is selling itself for $24.4 billion and going private. Here's a roundup of key points and questions: The Read More →

Facebook frenzy? Some say give it a rest . . .

Ever find yourself thinking about taking a break from Facebook?  A new survey from the Pew Research Center says 61 percent of adult Facebook members in the United States have felt the need to stop posting, updating, liking and commenting Read More →

HP seeks to steal Dell’s customers

Hewlett-Packard hopes to make hay from longtime competitor Dell's announcement Tuesday that it will go private in a massive $24.4 billion leveraged buyout by Michael Dell, Microsoft and equity firm Silver Lake. The Palo Alto tech giant, which competes with Dell Read More →

Quoted: on the evolution of computers — and the workplace

"You don’t even know what a miracle you’re living in." — Eleanor Kolchin, a former "computer" for IBM, on the advances in technology since she worked as a programmer at the Watson Scientific Computing Lab starting in the 1940s. Read More →

Off topic: Selling hangover cures, whale of a find, food fraud, about Glocks, sky photos

A peek into Hangover Heaven in Las Vegas, where IV cocktail cures run $99 and up. Man finds rare whale vomit, could score big bucks because of its value to perfume industry. Food fraud: on Read More →

Wiretap: NewRelic’s old hands snare $80M funding round

These days, when you hear about a cloud computing company landing a boatload of venture capital, you probably figure it’s run by a couple of kids who look fresh out of summer camp. Not so with San Francisco’s NewRelic, which on Read More →

Tech stocks taking a beating — except for Netflix

Tech stocks are taking a beating, for the most part, on Wall Street this morning. As of 9 a.m. Pacific time, the tech-heavy Nasdaq is down more than 1.2 percent. After hitting the $30 mark last week, Facebook shares Read More →
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