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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Amazon bringing you that pair of underwear you ordered!

In one small step for man, (› Play Audio) and one slightly bigger step for Amazon, the Seattle-based online retailer giant is putting its money where its mouth is, teaming up with other drone makers to lobby lawmakers on the company's Read More →

Quoted: How far (or high) would you go for an Instagram photo?

"I was like, damn, this is so dangerous." — Humza Deas, a 17-year-old photographer, upon watching a video of daredevils scaling the 2,073-foot Shanghai Tower — which then inspired him to start climbing New York bridges and skyscrapers to Read More →

Off topic: Moving X-rays, wrestling lingo, worm grunting, the military and hairstyles

I like the way you move: X-ray GIFs. From Andre shot to rasslin', Grantland's wrestling dictionary. You've heard about snake charmers, how about worm charmers? (a.k.a. worm grunters) And the U.S. military rolls back Read More →

Twitter, Google veteran Nicole Wong leaving White House post

Nicole Wong, a former executive at Google and Twitter, is leaving her post as a deputy chief technology officer at the White House. Read More →

Apple eyes sapphire for iPhone screens

Apple’s latest gambit for sparkling sales may involve sapphire. The Cupertino-based company is considering manufacturing sapphire screens for upcoming iterations of the iPhone as well as a smartwatch in the pipeline, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. Sapphire screens might Read More →

Whisper launches mental health nonprofit to help depressed

With the perplexity and agony of suicide dominating public thought and conversation in the wake of Robin Williams' death this week, social media app Whisper has launched a nonprofit site where people struggling with depression can ask for emotional help. Whisper, the Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we've got your tech news links right here. Market mover: Applied Materials shares are up more than 5 percent after earnings report yesterday in which it forecast sales for the next quarter that may top estimates. Square publishes Read More →

Quoted: on Anonymous getting cop’s name wrong in Michael Brown killing

"I was surprised because what I was seeing was suggestive but not definitive. Anonymous tends to care about its image quite a bit, and if they were wrong, it would be really bad." — Gabriella Coleman, who teaches at Read More →

Facebook insider leaving for new “adventuring”

Influential Facebook executive Sam Lessin is leaving the social networking giant, saying he plans to spend some time “kite-surfing, skiing, and general adventuring / possibly some trouble making.” Lessin has been vice president of product at Facebook since the company Read More →

Intel announces product deal with rapper 50 Cent

Eager to get its chips into a broader array of gadgets - while also generating a bit of nice publicity - Santa Clara chipmaker Intel on Friday announced a fitness-audio product collaboration with rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, pictured here. The Read More →
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