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Microsoft to buy Minecraft; fans worry about game’s future

Microsoft's agreement to buy Minecraft-maker Mojang left many users worried about the future of the popular online game, despite reassurances from both companies. Read More →

France to Netflix: “Fiche-nous la paix!”

Netflix has arrived in France . . . and France is not amused. Worried that the American video-streaming giant will try to avoid paying French taxes, even as it launches a bloody frontal assault on the country's Gaelic sensibilities and proud Read More →

Drag queens, performers and others protest Facebook’s real name policy

Facebook employees at the firm's Menlo Park headquarters may look out their windows Tuesday and see people in drag protesting. The issue: Facebook's apparent crackdown enforcing its policy requiring people to use their real names. Unlike Twitter and services like Snapchat, Facebook requires Read More →

Square raises $100 million for $6 billion valuation

San Francisco payments company Square has raised $100 million from investors, and may be on track to double that. The company, founded and led by CEO Jack Dorsey, who also helped create Twitter, issued 6.4 million new Series E shares at Read More →

The kiwis have been lying to us? Say it ain’t so!

In a double-barreled blast of breaking news from the world of online snooping, word comes from New Zealand that its government's sleuth agency was setting up a massive surveillance dragnet even while officials were denying that such a thing was Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we've got your tech news links right here. In the first part of Charlie Rose's Tim Cook interview, the Apple CEO says the company has "taken steps with Apple TV"; identifies Google as the company's top competitor; Read More →

Oracle buying digital-media storage company

Redwood City tech giant Oracle plans to buy Front Porch Digital of Lafayette, Colorado, which helps other companies store and manage digital media, such as high-definition films and TV shows, medical images and data from security monitors. "More than 550 organizations Read More →

Apple touts 4 million pre-orders for new iPhones

Apple received more than four million preorders for its new iPhones during the first 24 hours that they were available, the company announced Monday. The company shed some light on advanced sales of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which began Read More →

Quoted: VC Bill Gurley on Silicon Valley and risk

"You just slowly forget, and half of the entrepreneurs today, or maybe more — 60 percent or 70 percent — weren't around in '99, so they have no muscle memory whatsoever." — Bill Gurley, partner at Benchmark Read More →

Off topic: Rogue stuffing, chilling eggs, Twitter typos, long tongues

A winged guinea pig and a squirrel with a crab's body are among the spawn of rogue taxidermy. To wash and chill an egg, or not, that is the question. What a "bird of pray" looks Read More →
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