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What we’re watching: Netflix earnings

Talk about Netflix ahead of the company's earnings report today is streaming in. Here's a quick look. Did the entertainment provider add subscribers? How is the Los Gatos company's global expansion effort coming along? Some analysts expect the company to have Read More →

Apple says it’s getting better at being greener

In a new video entitled "Better,'' Apple CEO Tim Cook lends his voice to a short clip devoted to the company's greener-than-thou mantra. The 1:49-minute  video   is classic Apple — as polished as an iPhone 5S, as clean as a Read More →

Musk goes to China

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is in China to officially kick off sales of Tesla's all-electric Model S sedan. Bloomberg has a good story. At the Geekpark Conference in Beijing Monday, Musk said Tesla is building a network Read More →

Is Apple about to shake that money tree again?

With Apple investors on the edge of their seats as the company prepares to announce its second-quarter earnings on Wednesday, the blogosphere is abuzz with talk of yet another cash disbursement from the deep-pocketed Cupertino tech giant. Apple shares edged higher Read More →

Facebook reportedly ready to launch mobile ad network

Industry analysts on Wednesday will pay particular attention to Facebook’s mobile advertising revenue when the social networking giant reports its first-quarter earnings. Then on April 30, according to an unsourced report in ReCode, Facebook will announce plans for a mobile Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

When we scour the Web for tech news, we share. Silicon Valley poaching case, which might soon be settled: Documents show tech giants discussed hiring, but Facebook reportedly refused to join the circle. What's Google up to now? Read More →

Quoted: Google’s hiring chief talks college

"Most don’t put enough thought into why they’re going, and what they want to get out of it." — Laszlo Bock, hiring chief at Google, on what people should think about when they decide what to study in college. Read More →

Off topic: Have a baby, win a marathon — or an SUV; U.S. mortality rates; 4/20; Whoopi’s vape pen

Pumped up: babies as performance enhancers for some athletes. Speaking of babies, have one and win a refrigerator — a look at what some countries use as incentives. From birth to death: How Americans Read More →

UberX now charging $1 fee for ‘Safe Rides’

A month after announcing a new insurance policy after facing liability questions surrounding a fatal accident involving an UberX driver, the San Francisco company says it's adding a "Safe Rides Fee" of $1 per ride. On New Year's Eve, an UberX Read More →

People who missed out Google Glasses this week can try unusable frames for free

Potential Google Glass “Explorers” who missed out on a $1,500 unit during Google’s one-day online sale this week can at least try out an unusable unit at home -- for free. The loaners come in four colors and new titanium “feather-light” Read More →
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