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StreamCast alleges Hoffa's body buried on eBay campus

Attorneys for StreamCast Networks have finally realized their mistake and amended the company's suit against Skype and its founders to include the VoIP outfit's new owner, eBay. On Monday, StreamCast which earlier this year sued Skype and co-founders Read More →

V … nage IPO br … king up

Looks like Vonage is running with the bears, not bulls, this morning. The Internet phone service provider slipped well below its offering price in what may turn out to be the worst opening day for an IPO all year. Priced Read More →


"That pain in your shoulder... it's a coronary, you know..."

"Is that the sound of your kneecap crumbling?"

-- The Register imagines some of the helpful audio feedback from the Nike+iPod combo

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We think we'll make up some time by disabling the feedback feature

It's taken a few years, but it appears Microsoft has finally found a Vista development schedule it can actually stick to (see "Mulder, Scully assigned to Redmond-area Longhorn mutilation"). On Tuesday afternoon, Microsoft uncrated the "beta 2" version Read More →

As long as your broker doesn't actually try to use Vonage to place the buy order, I think you'll be fine.

With its dubious financial history - a net loss of $85 million on revenue of $119 million in its most recent quarter and a loss of $261 million on revenue of $269 million in 2005 - leadership questions, Read More →


"I think Google will be the next Google."

-- Legendary venture capitalist John Doerr shows why he's paid the big bucks.

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Bill, the executive office chair budget's spiraling out of control. You've got to do something.

When Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer championed "annual staff culls" as a business goal a few months back, urging colleagues to ruthlessly sack poor performers, I'm sure it never occurred to him that he himself might be identified as an Read More →
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