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UsedFAQs, World's Smartest Person Challenge (Thanks JM) and Wrath of God II: On the 6th day, god created man. On the 7th day, the error was realized.

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Hey, it’s still got a future in sports

Bush_segway_fall Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway Human Transporter (shown at left during an assassination attempt), once said the vehicle would "be to the car what the car Read More →

EMachines founder offers Gateway execs early retirement plan

Gateway shares are on a tear today, surging for a third straight day on rumors of a takeover. The company's share price spiked nearly 20 percent after Lap Shun Hui, the former owner of eMachines, went public with Read More →

We’ll let this one go, Sam, but from now on, two signatures on everything

Isn't IBM getting to be the compulsive spender these days. This morning the company extended its recent acquisition spree, agreeing to buy Internet Security Systems. The purchase, an all-cash deal worth $1.3 billion, is IBM's fourth this month. In Read More →


"Why -- in the age of the Internet -- [does] the FBI [restrict] itself to a dead-tree source with a considerable time lag between death and publication, with limited utility for the FBI's purpose, and with entries restricted to a Read More →

And if the acquisition doesn’t pan out, I know a great beer batter recipe

Grouper "Many people in the Grouper community use Sony cameras to create videos and Sony Vaio computers. It makes sense to complete the circle by having Grouper be Read More →

Oh dear, what can the matter be?

For as much as we've learned about the universe, scientists have remained troubled by a few niggling questions -- questions like "Where's the rest of it?" It's long been an annoyance that everything we can see out there accounts for Read More →

Quattrone to prosecutors: Now might be a good time to catch up on file clean-up

Quattrone_1 Frank Quattrone closed what was undoubtedly the most significant deal of his career today, persuading federal prosecutors to release their choke hold on him over allegedly trying Read More →
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