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The national threat-alert level today is yellow or "elevated," with "significant risk of subpoenas"

The Federal Communications Commission was right - it really is impossible to investigate the National Security Agency's alleged privacy violations (see "Big Mother" and "AT&T. Your world, delivered (to the government)."). Get this: The federal government is Read More →

Mr. Bezos, clean up on Aisle 5 …

To say that the grocery space has been a challenging one for online retailers is something of an understatement. A graveyard of online supermarkets, it's lit by the still-burning rubble of spectacular dot-com flameouts like WebVan . So it's Read More →

Damn shame Ballmer doesn’t have a foundation too, eh?

In the wake of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates' Thursday announcement, some are wondering if Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer shouldn't follow in his footsteps - and soon. "Now we know we're losing Microsoft's organ grinder, it's time for the monkey Read More →


"We're going to need a Bill Gates action figure for those future program reviews, one that has the recorded line, "That's the stupidest f'ing thing I've ever heard!""

-- The anonymous author of The Mini Microsoft Web log says Microsoft Read More →

This chief software architect has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down

With Bill Gates stepping down from his day-to-day role at Microsoft his duties as chief software architect have fallen to Ray Ozzie, which I think is good reason for optimism. Who better than the visionary Ozzie to Read More →

July 2008? Is that before or after Vista ships?

Thanksforthebrowniessteve The Harvard University dropout who shaped the modern software industry and in the process became the world's richest man, is stepping off the commercial stage. On Read More →

1000 Songs in Your Toilet

Ipodcrapper "Indestructible."  That's how one Santa Clara University maintenance worker described the iPod mini that clogged the schools septic system for months after it was accidentally flushed down Read More →

New from Creative: Zen International Trade Commission Investigation

Creative's chances of winning an injunction against Apple are about as good as those of its share price surpassing Google's. Its chances of tying up Apple in a prolonged legal battle, however, are quite a bit more favorable. The Read More →
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