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So I guess that means the Xbox port is a ways off too

Wired's 2005 Vaporware Awards are out (appropriately late), and true aficionados of long-promised products that continue to exist only in press releases are celebrating the return of a true champion. The game "Duke Nukem Forever," already way late Read More →

Someone should try the same business plan with bathrooms

Need a booster shot of credibility and visibility? Just get a couple of buzzworthy outfits like Google and Skype to give you a few million. That (and the fact that it's a Monday) is why a Spanish start-up called Read More →

Please spay your blog

Technorati's David Sifry has issued one of his periodic State of the Blogosphere reports, and looking at the numbers, you can't help but think of Tribbles. According to Technorati's stats, the current average reproduction rate for blogs is Read More →


"Poor Paul Allen — always the bridesmaid, never the bride. The Steelers won by exploiting the vulnerabilities in the Seahawks operating system with a defensive denial of service attack. Though the ‘Hawks often crashed on their own, with their executables Read More →

Programming Note

My back's failed me again. Posting will be a bit sparse today.

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Leaping Limewires, Berman, I see the dollar-sign spotlight in the sky! Quick, to the Litigationmobile!

As partnerships go, it might be one of Fair Use's unholiest. Two former recording industry bigwigs, Jay Berman and Hilary Rosen, said Thursday that they had formed anti-piracy consulting agency. Rosen is probably best known for leading the Read More →

FCC finally finds something about Howard Stern to laugh at

Looks like Howard Stern managed to take most of his fans with him when he left terrestrial radio for Sirius (see "Stern's move prompts FCC to start R&D on anti-satellite laser"). Problem is, some of them would rather download Read More →


"There's something magnetic about a BlackBerry and a toilet."

-- Paul Normand, president of BlackBerry Repair Shop, describes an unfortunate consequence of the teleworker's always-on lifestyle: "the BlackBerry dunk."

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