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Sony BMG's new corporate anthem: Benny Hill Theme

The Sony BMG Music fiasco just keeps getting worse (see "Sorry, we thought 'rootkit' was Finnish for 'congratulations on your DRM scheme' "). For the second time in as many months, the company has been forced to admit that Read More →

Gartner slaps RIM with BlackBerry injunction

With a court order banning sales of Research In Motion's BlackBerry devices and services in the U.S. a real possibility (see "Betty Ford Center braces for wave of CrackBerry withdrawal cases"), Gartner has advised its clients to Read More →


"Wouldn't that be cool?"

-- Sun CEO Scott McNealy lies through his teeth after being asked asked whether Sun's open-sourcing of its Sparc chip design would make it possible for rivals like Intel to copy Sun's product.

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Cisco hit by security researcher overflow exploit

So much for Cisco's self-defending networks. Mike Lynn, the security researcher persecuted last summer for going public with the Cisco IOS router exploit, says he knows of 15 additional flaws in the software that powers Cisco's ubiquitous Internet routers Read More →

No, you misunderstood. We're open-sourcing just the one chip. You'll have to share it.

"This is going to bend a lot of brains." That's what Sun CEO Scott McNealey said yesterday of the company's decision to make the designs of its new UltraSparc T1 server processors open source. Under the OpenSPARC project, Read More →

Grokking Google: From basic search to Googling your genes

Monday's discussion focused on Google's core (or at least initial) businesses, search and ads, and the conversation ranged from the quality of basic search to new pools of data that Google may want to organize. Here are some highlights:

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We were betting on "rootkit"

Podcast has been chosen word of the year by the editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary. "Podcast was considered for inclusion last year, but we found that not enough people were using it, or were even familiar with Read More →

Must have been one of those "20 percent" ideas

Google experiment in print ads has proven just that: an experiment (see "Just place your mouse on the magazine page and click vigorously"). According to a BusinessWeek analysis, the program, dubbed Google Publication Ads, isn't exactly winning the Read More →