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Maybe we could remarket them for military use, redux

The steady drain of battery recalls by its laptop-making customers has finally left Sony without the power to resist the inevitable. The Consumer Product Safety Commission confirms that Sony is preparing its own recall of all its potentially faulty Read More →


"We're trying to embed entertainment experiences inside clothes. It's like HBO on your shirt." -- Elan Lee, one of the co-founders of edoc laundry, whose line of clothes contains hidden coded messages that are clues in an online mystery. Read More →

Those legacy kids always have an edge

Every family has its traditions; in the Kornberg family, it's winning Nobel prizes. Back in 1959, Stanford prof Arthur Kornberg shared the Nobel medicine prize with Severo Ochoa for studies of how genetic information is transferred from one DNA molecule Read More →

Off Topic

FlyGuy (thanks, Holly), Cowabduction (thanks, Ricardo), a bookmarkable search query that lists the most expensive items currently being bid on at eBay, and a serious bug in Google Maps (thanks, Scott). Read More →

Your honor, my client has deep roots in the community that go back, oh, two months now

Seeing as how the law has caught up to Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, we should too. Alexander, you may recall, is the former CEO of Comverse Technology who became the first international fugitive of the stock option scandal when he Read More →

SONY: Spells – 0, Armor – 0, Health – wounded

Boy, how Sony must wish it could just hit the restart button for 2006. On top of lagging competitiveness and delayed products came the laptop battery debacle that threatens to cost the company billions (see "Keep it moving, Read More →


"If/when we put the tracer in an email and/or document to the reporter, is there any chance it will be discovered? ... This needs to be part of the risk assessment. If CNET knows something like that was sent to Read More →

Technically it wasn’t gambling, honey, but we’re still broke

You pays your money and you takes your chances, and who should better appreciate that than people who invest in online gambling operations. Still, seeing your stack shrink by more than half will put a lump in anyone's throat. Over Read More →

Let’s just call him Clever Jon and be done with it

You know him as DVD Jon, the young Norwegian who hacked through the entertainment industry's digital rights management barriers in order to watch his movies on a Linux machine. Now there are those who would dub him Fairplay Jon Read More →

Off Topic

A Halloween costume that you'll need to get an early start on, and a pair of artistic diversions, Grappa (thanks, Mark) and Doodle, which is far more sophisticated than its name lets on (Note: Doodle uses the Read More →