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" has been a center of drug activity, of gang activity, and of Internet predators. Isn't it entirely appropriate that the state get involved?"

-- Rep. Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican, stops just short of alluding to Read More →

Time Warner to set 12.6 MILLION AOL SUBSCRIBERS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To hear Time Warner execs tell it, the company's proposed plan to offer many of AOL’s services, including e-mail, for free to subscribers who already have broadband isn't the dicey gamble it would seem to be, but rather a sure-fire Read More →

How about a $357 million fine? Is that “clear” enough for you?

Ballmergates $357 million in fines surely wasn't the sort of "clarity" Microsoft was hoping for when it asked the European Commission over and over and over again Read More →

Dell blogging job comes with Kevlar-Nomex logoware

We know what kind of comments to expect whenever we post an item on Dell. Why, just yesterday, the news that the company is launching an image makeover ("Don't forget: They also make a great hibachi in a pinch") Read More →

Don’t call it a delay — it’s gamma testing

According to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, Windows Vista has an 80 percent of chance of shipping by its twice-delayed January launch date, which to anyone familiar with the operating system's storied history of delays, means there's a damn good chance Read More →

Sadly, the Fandango paper bag puppets just haven’t met with the warm reception we’d hoped for

Despite a big push from Hollywood, buying movie tickets online has yet to become habit for even hardcore moviegoers. Industry executives complain that online ticket sellers like aren't doing nearly as well as they'd hoped. Typical online Read More →


"I regret that Comedy Central’s ‘Daily Show’ portrayed my words the way they did. I believe that gratuitously violent video games are inappropriate for all children. However hard it may be to prove their effect in any given instance, tragedies Read More →
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