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We're sorry, we can't complete the call as clicked. Please check the IM handle and try again.

Voice over IP is a feature, not a product. That's what we're seeing borne out again and again as the Web's major players rush to add it to their instant messaging programs. Yahoo is the latest, making good on Read More →

Damndest thing — I was trying to text you and I accidentally bought a sofa bed

Paypalmobile Funny isn't it, how things come full circle. PayPal was conceived back in the late '90s around the idea that we ought to be able to Read More →

Don't worry, we won't degrade your service. Of course I can't speak for Google, Yahoo or any of those other freeloaders.

Q: How concerned are you about Internet upstarts like Google, MSN, Vonage, and others?

A: How do you think they’re going to get to customers? Through a broadband pipe. Cable companies have them. We Read More →


"Bugzilla Bug 330884: Summary: When different users on one system choose to save or not save passwords for sites, any other user can see sites they not only saved passwords for but can also see what other users have been saving/never Read More →

Yes, but have you seen the FBI's highlighters? The yellow is simply exquisite.

No wonder the FBI can't afford e-mail accounts for all its agents (see "So if you hear anything about the missing explosives, mail me at"). It blew all its money on custom office supplies. According to a new Read More →

Don't you know Lunar New Year is the new Christmas?

Vistadudes_1 Given Microsoft’s storied history of product release delays, did anyone really think that Vista, the next version of the company's Windows operating system, would arrive in 2006 Read More →

First thing, we yank all their beloved Johnny Hallyday songs out of iTunes

The French call it an online copyright bill, but I'm certain Steve Jobs has far more colorful words for the law that want to blow Apple's digital music business model wide open (see "iTunes to be rebranded "FreedomTunes" in Read More →

Nope, no big plans for our anniversary; just gonna stay in and watch videos on the ol' big-screen iPod … did I say big-screen iPod?

I can't imagine Steve Jobs would allow Apple's 30th anniversary to pass without commemorating it in some way -- with a celebration or perhaps an imperial deification. But alas that's not to be, at least according to one contrary analyst. Read More →