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Sir, we’re facing an attack by weapons of mass deduction

Apple may have a problem with France and several points north (see "Liberté, égalité, interoperabilité"), but Microsoft has the whole of Europe aligned against it, and the EU antitrust army is moving the big guns to the front. On Read More →


"When I say that innovation is being democratized, I mean that users of products and services—both firms and individual consumers—are increasingly able to innovate for themselves. User-centered innovation processes offer great advantages over the manufacturer-centric innovation development systems that have Read More →

Is it Googley in here, or is it just me?

You really notice it on a slow news day: just how much oxygen Google sucks out of the tech conversation pit. Good, bad or gratuitous, there are always fresh Google stories in the daily mix, and the heck of it Read More →

Grouchy, maybe; bearish, no

So Nick Denton does some rejiggering in his Gawker network, poking a bit at the froth he sees in the sector, and it ends up in the New York Times as "A Blog Mogul Turns Bearish on Blogs." Read More →


"People think that we started Firefox just to take down Microsoft, just to win some kind of competition. Why would we want to win? There's no money involved for us. There's no (initial public offering) for this company; it's a Read More →

Bob, you’re in a bathing suit; take the damn BlackBerry off

Man, I can almost hear my keystrokes echoing out in the cloud. It's a very quiet morning in the valley and the States in general, what with today being a half-assimilated holiday gluing together a long Independence Day weekend. Read More →

Off Topic

See how fast you can type (and feel free to post your scores; with my casual, jazz-piano keyboard style, I managed 67 wpm with five mistakes, while faithful contributor Bruce Webster rightfully brags of his 100 wpm scores with Read More →

Office 2007 to be bundled with Duke Nukem Forever

By now there surely must be some boilerplate template in the Microsoft PR department that reads something like: "Microsoft announces a delay in the release date of its eagerly anticipated ________ in order to deal with _______ issues. (Insert positive Read More →

Perfect for my multimedia exposé of the sewage treatment plant

Offered without comment: Engineers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan are building a machine capable of recording and replaying smells. This is nothing to sniff at. "In video, you just need to record shades of red, green Read More →
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