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Warren, I'm thinking our first recipients should be the downtrodden nations of Old Europe

Sounds like the European Union is getting set to finally drop the hammer on Microsoft. The Financial Times reports that after years of back-and-forth (see "Of course, by 'helpful,' we meant 'gave the staff a much needed laugh.' "), Read More →


“When they bought Weblogs, they said to me, ‘There’s a real future for you here.’ I’m a senior vice-president, which is a pretty high title in this company; there’s only one title, EVP, that’s higher, and then after that you’re Read More →

Ellison launches $100 million Mea Culpa Foundation, redux

Some are born generous; some have generosity thrust upon them. In an unfortunate and, in the big picture, unfair juxtaposition, yesterday's news of the billions that will fund the Gates Foundation thanks to the BMW alliance (that's Bill, Melinda Read More →

This iPod inspected by No. 32 (please send amphetamines)

Apple may find it harder to clean off the mud that got slopped on it a couple of weeks ago following a report that a Taiwanese iPod subcontractor was mistreating workers at factories in China (see "Designed By Apple Read More →

Gates, Buffett hail development of camel that fits through needle's eye

Apparently the rich get richer even in philanthropic competition. Bill and Melinda Gates, having already announced their intent to focus their lives on the $30 billion foundation that bears their names, added a third chair at the board table Read More →

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Gotta catch you up on some inside-baseball stuff here, partly because I know you're deeply interested and partly as an excuse for whatever posts manage to get written today. First, JP's bad back landed him in a hospital bed over the Read More →


"There are bars and cool restaurants and you can go drinking and stuff. I mean, it's much better than living in the country and shooting aluminum cans off the fence." -- Aaron Vinson, a 25-year-old engineer, offers the closest thing Read More →

Maybe Harvard won't have to rename the Ellison Institute for World Health after all.

Oracle's recent acquisition binge appears to be paying off. After market close Thursday the software maker posted a 25 percent increase in revenues in the final three months of its latest fiscal year. Included in that number, an 83 Read More →

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