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AOL severance to include 5GB free storage

They're swinging the scythe over at AOL again. A day after making official its plans to drop access fees for anyone with a high-speed connection beginning in September, AOL said it will sack as many as 5,000 employees, or Read More →

It’s right up there with the introduction of the Mercury 7

The competition was fierce, but we now have 10 winners in Netscape's big summer hit, "So You Think You Can Jumpstart A Social Bookmarking Site." Netscape's Jason Calacanis followed through on his bid to hire away some of the most Read More →

Boggs, can you work some mention of mesothelioma into that lost-dog story?

Is the popularity of Google's AdSense program among online publishers transforming the company into an unintentional gatekeeper of news and information? Some say it is, arguing that Google's policy of withholding advertising from stories that violate its overly broad Read More →

Sylvia, schedule a tune-up for the Reality Distortion Field Generator

If Apple CEO Steve Jobs truly hopes to have a deal to add movies to Apple's popular iTunes music store in place by the fall, he may have to accept the unimaginable: Things don't always go his way. For months, Read More →


"We're not picking specifically on Macs here, but if you watch those 'Get a Mac' commercials enough, it eventually makes you want to stab one of those users in the eye with a lit cigarette or something."

-- Security researcher Read More →

Downloa…. *buffering*…. ding Mozill…. *buffering* a Firefox

Mozilla's Firefox may yet avenge Netscape's defeat at the hands of Microsoft. In recent months, the popular open-source browser has gained on Redmond's Internet Explorer, claiming 11.3 percent of the global market, up from 9.5 percent in January, Read More →

Windows Vista? That’s a new no-streak cleaner, right?

January 2007, March or even December -- it doesn't really matter when Microsoft finally ships Windows Vista, because most businesses are in no real hurry to buy it. That's the gist of a new survey by JupiterResearch, which found Read More →

USPS: I Did It eBay!

The decline of snail mail in the age of instant electronic communication has often been predicted as a devastating blow for the United States Postal Service. But wrongly so. According to USPS officials, the Internet's impact on the Postal Read More →
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