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You call it pigeon poop, I call it user-generated content

Despite being the 10th largest city in the nation and the de facto capital of Silicon Valley, poor old San Jose has always struggled with an image problem as a sprawled and malled oversize suburb where the most exciting things Read More →

There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, and as soon as we think of it, we’ll tell you

Having eased over the course of the weekend, investor concerns over Apple's disclosure of option "irregularities" are back in force today amid reports that several executives at the company received grants dated just before sharp increases in Apple's share Read More →


"Apparently, the young people use it on the computer."

-- Northwood Tree Farm owner Pat Niple explains why the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles refused to approve her "NWTF" vanity plate.

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We tried to bring Adam Curry back for this, but he was busy

Google's turned to an old-media ally in its quest to milk some ad dollars from its poorly received video offering: MTV. Under the terms of an agreement announced today, Google is to syndicate video clips from Viacom's MTV Networks Read More →

No, no, no, you weren’t supposed to tear down THAT wall

AOL just can't do anything right, can it? Late last week the company released, for research purposes, the details of 19 million Web searches performed by 500,000 users from March through May.  The data set includes UserID, Query, Read More →

$60 million? Where’d you read that, Friendster?

Bubble2pointo To read the headline on the Aug. 14 BusinessWeek cover story -- "How This Kid Made $60 Million In 18 Months" -- you'd think Kevin Rose Read More →

Microsoft: OK, now I want you to hit me as hard as you can …

If you remember the 1988 presidential campaign, you might have had a Gary Hart flashback on reading Microsoft's challenge to hackers to have a go at Windows Vista. For you youngsters, then-Sen. Hart, seeking the Democratic nomination, was battling Read More →

Study: Computer users spend more time in front of computer


"All brontosauruses are thin at one end, much MUCH thicker in the middle, and then thin again at the far end.  That is the theory Read More →


“Going to WWDC without a laptop is like going to war with a banana.”

-- The quip that got student Ted Lee a bit of tech support from Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself.

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