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"The Ballmer children do not have their Xbox 360 yet. I'm in the same boat as many of you. Thanks to the wonders of Sarbanes-Oxley, management does not get a free Xbox 360."

-- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer notes Read More →

Cable operators mull new "Digital Prude" package

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin may succeed in wringing some kind of family-friendly programming concessions from top cable operators after all. Rather than bow to pressure to adopt "a la carte" pricing (see "FCC cable review threatens Read More →

Well, what'd you expect? I couldn't program the VCR either.

Turns out my father isn't the only HDTV-owner to laud HD's superior image quality without having actually seen an HD broadcast. According to a new survey from Scientific-Atlanta, millions of HDTV owners believe they are watching high-definition television, when Read More →

So, RIM, when NTP keeps bringing up old arguments, how does it make you feel?

With the four-year-old patent dispute between Research in Motion and NTP moving closer to a potential court-ordered shutdown of RIM's U.S. business (see "Betty Ford Center braces for wave of CrackBerry withdrawal cases"),  the BlackBerry maker is scrambling to Read More →

Grokking Google: Google's butt-ugly interface design

Tuesday's discussion in our roundtable focused on Google's desktop services, applications and ambitions, and Nick Carr started things off with a blistering review of Google's interface design. Here are some highlights:

Nick Carr: Google’s design sense is abysmal. The Read More →

I should have suspected something when the first IM had perfect spelling and grammar

Next time you're invited to an IM chat with someone you don't know, you might try giving them a Turing test. There's a new worm on the loose that targets users of America Online's AOL Instant Messenger by chatting with Read More →

Sony BMG's new corporate anthem: Benny Hill Theme

The Sony BMG Music fiasco just keeps getting worse (see "Sorry, we thought 'rootkit' was Finnish for 'congratulations on your DRM scheme' "). For the second time in as many months, the company has been forced to admit that Read More →
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