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MSFT: ODF and an mPod

A couple of interesting items out of Redmond today. First, faced with growing open-source competition especially for government customers, Microsoft is taking a roundabout way of allowing support for the Open Document Format in its Office suite. The Read More →

Finally I’ll be able to get one of those prestigious addresses

In the fall of 2002, AOL had 26.7 million U.S. subscribers. After a few more falls, it's now down to 18.6 million. That and a growing faith in the power of advertising apparently prompted AOL CEO Jonathan Miller to go Read More →

Google it and Xerox me a copy

The Motley Fool notes that the verb form "to Google," much despised by the search sovereign, has now been codified in the Oxford English Dictionary, a resource so officially definitive that you have to pay money to use Read More →

PayPal president checks out

Funny how a pleasant phrase like "to spend more time with his family" takes on the smell of death in the land of management changes. EBay announced today that those are the autumn plans of Jeff Jordan, president of Read More →

Rocketboom? That’s this latest North Korea thing, right?

I feel obliged to mention the Rocketboom bust-up, not that it's so important, but the tech blogosphere is apparently shooting for 100 percent participation on this one and the peer pressure is like being swept up in the Read More →


"Technology didn’t just allow fans to sidestep the cash register. It also offered massive, unprecedented choice in terms of what they could hear. The average file-trading network has more songs than any music store – by a factor of more Read More →

I just want to see Sergey go nuts at the weigh-in

Awright, let's get it on! Now we've got a heavyweight bout shaping up that I'd pay to watch. In one corner, Ma Bell, older and overweight, but still packing punching power. And calling her out is young Kid Google, in Read More →

Wake up humming and tell off the TV

Heaven help me, I do love the gadgets (witness the fact that I'm a little sore today from golfing on my Xbox, but I'm totally relaxed, thanks to my iGuru). Here are a few novelties popping up in Read More →
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