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She always waved to our kids from her garden; we never dreamed she was a pirate

The Recording Industry Association of America's tactic of fighting piracy by suing thousands of its customers is as wrongheaded as ever, but at least the industry is getting smarter in its execution. Recognizing that the monthly reports of another batch Read More →

Actually, my specialty is job security, but this sounded related

I hate to cast aspersions on a public servant, especially one with access to all the known and unknown computing capabilities of the Department of Homeland Security, but this just smells bad. Donald "Andy" Purdy Jr. has been Read More →

We'll pay cash. Also, could we borrow one of your snazzy color printers?

Handheld maker Palm has finally cleaned up a Graffiti mess that's been around for almost 10 years. Palm will pay $22.5 million to Xerox to settle a claim that Graffiti, a handwriting-recognition technology once used in some Palm devices, Read More →

Praying at Our Lady of the Immaculate Algorithm

When Google (or any search engine, for that matter) makes a claim like "Our search results are generated completely objectively and are independent of the beliefs and preferences of those who work at Google," it's good to get a Read More →


"I like those guys, but there’s a bit of arrogance. They could have bought MySpace three months before we did for half the price. They thought, 'It’s nothing special. We can do that.' " -- News Corp.'s Rupert Murdoch, who Read More →

Ah, but I had my fingers crossed on my secret bionic third hand

So it turns out Oracle's Larry Ellison has indeed suffered a case of donor's remorse regarding his promise to give Harvard $115 million for a health research center. Hey, it happens. Who among us hasn't gotten a little overenthusiastic Read More →

Off Topic

Busted: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters (don't let the quality of the acting put you off; this is important stuff), and the R-rated version from Chris Rock. (Thanks, Bruce) Read More →

What'll it be, matey? The hangman's rope or service to the queen?

Back in the golden era of sail, nations with naval interests took a two-pronged approach to pirates. They hunted them ruthlessly, sometimes impaling them on one of those prongs, but they also ended up recruiting some to serve under their Read More →

Hey, our division contributes directly to the AMD fight, right? Right?

In its efforts to push back into the fast lane, Intel is launching one new chip line and disposing of one old chip division. The new chips belong to the Xeon 5100 series and are the first based on a Read More →
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