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Programming Note

I'm off for the next few days. The esteemed Dr. Murrell will be sitting in while I'm away. Read More →

Off Topic

Jedi Breakfast (Not suitable for the easily offended) Read More →

New from EA Games — Burnout 5: The Comeuppance

Video game giant Electronic Arts will doubtless do a better job discerning employee dedication from employee exploitation after coughing up $14.9 million to settle an overtime class-action suit filed by some of its current and former programmers. The settlement, Read More →

Steve, the accountants are asking about this content revenue from a product we don't make yet

Videoipodjurassic Get this: Word around the campfire has it that Apple is asking movie studios to create video iPod-compatible content to include on forthcoming Blu-ray discs. "Though movies Read More →


"There was a mango lassi machine. As if everyone is entitled to a mango lassi. What kind of world is this? Mango lassi is special, exotic, meant for only those who deserve such a treat. Unless you are at Google, Read More →

The reptilian armies of Qorg are known for their advanced weaponry and their inexplicable love of Coke


"High on one wall, in the main room in each store, is a great big video billboard, and this board plays the same 15 second Read More →

Mmm, like fine chocolate for the ears

Genevawhite Leave it to the Swiss to develop an audio system powerful enough to replace a stack of stereo components and fit it into single, iconic enclosure that's Read More →

Microsoft IE 7 — yesterday's browser tomorrow!

Iweeeeeeee I guesss Microsoft really is taking the browser war seriously. It's offering phone support with the latest release of Internet Explorer 7.

At 12:01 this morning, the Read More →

More of an Ogg Vorbis guy, eh, senator?

Sen. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., had little trouble accepting $150,000 in campaign contributions from controversial lobbyist Jack Abramoff and even less taking $59,000 from the entertainment industry. So why did he balk at a $316.94 iPod sent to Read More →
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