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Maybe we shouldn’t have combined the SEO and general counsel jobs

KinderStart’s lawsuit against Google over what it called “pervasive monopolistic practices” in the company's ranking of search results is proving far more effective as a publicity stunt than a legal action. On Thursday afternoon, Judge Jeremy Fogel of the U.S. Read More →

Semiconductor manufacturers collapse under AG happy stack

Semiconductor manufacturers accustomed to overclocking chips are going to be searching for ways to overclock their legal teams in the months ahead, now that the attorneys general of 34 U.S. states have fixed them in their legal crosshairs. On Read More →

And those of you who still have your jobs, don’t forget to put the right cover sheet on your TPS report, m’kay?

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has completed the 90-day review of operations he began in late April, and concluded the company was carrying a little too much weight around the middle. On Thursday afternoon, Intel said it was laying off Read More →

Cuban bemoans Net’s lack of fast breaks

I'm a big Mark Cuban fan. The guy's got an active, inquiring mind and he's not shy about sharing pieces of it. Plus, we have some things in common (regrettably not including net worth) -- we both love technology and Read More →

Frankly, Mr. Smedly, we thought your 1993 appearance at Latex World reflected poorly on your judgment

First impressions are important -- especially those we create online. So folks who've spent years leaving traces of themselves across the Web take note: Your online past can really make a mess of your career future. According to ExecuNet, hiring Read More →

That’s IM as in Inadequate Mash-up

So Microsoft and Yahoo have finally made good on their promise of nine months ago to enable interoperability between their instant messaging networks. Beginning late Wednesday, users of Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger with Voice were able to Read More →


"While it's axiomatic that every new medium requires a new breed of personality, what the vlog Rocketboom—a daily three-minute fake-ish newscast—required of Congdon was strikingly similar to what any number of old-media outlets asked of the buxom and obnoxious Jenny Read More →

Let it go, Steve. The iPod sweatshop scandal and the DRM protests are already more than we can handle right now.

"When Daily Variety broke the news that Pixar had hired writers for the pitch that became the 2007 release "Ratatouille," Steve Jobs tracked the reporter down at the Sundance Film Festival, demanding to know her sources and threatening to Read More →


The missing posts to which JM referred last night have miraculously reappeared, although I've had to re-publish a few. Could have been worse, though. Here's hoping today's publishing cycle is problem-free.

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