Facebook launches new ‘Place Tips’ tool

Some Facebook users headed to a restaurant, museum or other places may notice a new feature pop up today on their smartphones. Competing with other location-search apps such as Foursquare and Yelp, the new tool called "Place Tips" shows users Read More →

Stock talk: Yahoo, Alibaba shares falling

Yahoo and Alibaba — two companies in the spotlight this week — are seeing their shares fall sharply today, in the wake of Yahoo's decision to spin off its stake in Alibaba, and the Chinese e-commerce giant's earnings results today. Yahoo's Read More →

LinkedIn shares tips to land your dream job based on user data

Social networking company LinkedIn released this morning a list of top job-seeking tips. The company, which is based in Mountain View, cited user data from March to August 2014. Here are some of the tips: 1. Be ready when opportunity comes knocking: Read More →

Comcast shows service chops, dubs man ***hole on bill

To hear Comcast tell it, customer service is the company's no. 1 priority. But someone must have forgotten to tell the company's customer service representatives. After his wife attempted to drop their cable service from Comcast, Spokane, Wash. resident Ricardo Brown recently found Read More →

Google patent: Look ma! No hands!

The Google genuises behind the driverless car are apparently looking for even more ways to set those hands of yours free. As the Mountain View-based search giant continues to fine-tune its driver-free vehicle, which the New York Times reported will Read More →

White House said to be preparing sweeping privacy legislation

As the Federal Trade Commission has requested, the White House reportedly is preparing to ask Congress to bolster the FTC's power to police privacy violations by Internet-related businesses, including online advertisers, app makers and companies that make the smart, connected consumer Read More →
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