Facebook low in customer satisfaction, while Pinterest ranks high, survey says.

Pinterest users have a high rate of customer satisfaction, according to a new survey by an independent research group. Facebook and LinkedIn users? Not so much. Ads and privacy are big concerns cited by Internet users who ranked Facebook and LinkedIn Read More →

Quoted: Hillary Clinton on social media’s potential

"Too often, people use it as a weapon instead of an opportunity, and maybe one of the ways we can think together about the next phase of development of social media is a tool of outreach, a tool of reconciliation, Read More →

Clinton going for social media daily double

Hillary Clinton is going for a social-media daily double, later today. While technically she’s just plugging her new book, the former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State has made a series of public appearances recently in which she’s Read More →

Quoted: Just how much do we Like our Facebook friends?

"Sometimes you just don’t know what to say to a friend, even if you support them, so it's easier to click 'Like.'" — Moira Burke, Facebook data scientist, on a recent study she and a colleague conducted to look Read More →

Facebook’s latest app: For celebs only

Everyone knows celebrities get special treatment. Now Facebook’s developed a special app, just for celebrities, that’s designed to make it easier for them to share their thoughts and observations with the rest of us little people. The new app, called Read More →

Germany beats Argentina. Millions of Facebookers and tweeters like it.

With the help of 88 million extremely enthusiastic users worldwide, the 2014 World Cup final on Sunday became the most-discussed Facebook event of all time. How much discussed? Try 280 million likes, posts and comments generated during game that featured Germany Read More →
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