Happy chirpers: Twitter tops survey for workplace culture and values

Twitter was named the No. 1 tech workplace and No. 2 overall in a survey we wrote about in December. Now there's more reason for the San Francisco company to pat itself on the back: It's No. 1 Read More →

Indiegogo has more women in tech, leadership positions

Indiegogo, a pioneer of the crowdfunding movement, became one of the first startups on Thursday to release the demographic breakdown of its workforce, as tech companies face a heightened scrutiny on the diversity -- or lack thereof -- Read More →

Twitter policing content: beheading video, plus images of deceased

Twitter, which has long touted its free-speech, anti-censorship stance, is policing content on its site in a couple of high-profile cases. It's dealing with the tweeting of a video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley, which started circulating Read More →

Quoted: How far (or high) would you go for an Instagram photo?

"I was like, damn, this is so dangerous." — Humza Deas, a 17-year-old photographer, upon watching a video of daredevils scaling the 2,073-foot Shanghai Tower — which then inspired him to start climbing New York bridges and skyscrapers to Read More →

Whisper launches mental health nonprofit to help depressed

With the perplexity and agony of suicide dominating public thought and conversation in the wake of Robin Williams' death this week, social media app Whisper has launched a nonprofit site where people struggling with depression can ask for emotional help. Whisper, the Read More →

Quoted: on Anonymous getting cop’s name wrong in Michael Brown killing

"I was surprised because what I was seeing was suggestive but not definitive. Anonymous tends to care about its image quite a bit, and if they were wrong, it would be really bad." — Gabriella Coleman, who teaches at Read More →
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