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Cell phone unlocking legal again as president signs measure

You are no longer doing something criminal if you unlock your cell phone. The president on Friday signed into law a measure that reverses a ban on Read More →

Cars these days, they’re so smart — and hackable

We know, we know, just like many "smart" things, cars can be hacked. But a new report says the most hackable cars are the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, 2015 Cadillac Escalade and 2014 Toyota Prius. That's according to CNNMoney, which Read More →

Startup Spotlight: Flares, like smoke signals for your iPhone

Despite its name, Flares, a new app set to launch in the next two weeks, isn't about explosions of colors and sounds. Or flair, for that matter. Instead, Flares is all about simplicity -- how little can we say when trying Read More →

Small-town Valley Girl hits the (sort of) big screen

It's a classic Silicon Valley pull-yourself-up-by-the bootstraps-with-the-help-of-dad's-celebrity-name story. At 28, self-styled Valley Girl Jesse Draper is about to get her own TV show. After hosting her online tech-talk show the past six years, having started out in the garage of her dad Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your Friday tech news links right here. Google releases full response to EU regulators questions about "right to be forgotten" implementation, says it has right to notify publishers. The highest number of Read More →

Quoted: Aereo pleads for its life

"The company is figuratively bleeding to death." — Aereo, in a filing beseeching the federal court in Manhattan to let the company operate as a cable-TV service. If it's not allowed to do so — and in Read More →
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