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UberX now charging $1 fee for ‘Safe Rides’

A month after announcing a new insurance policy after facing liability questions surrounding a fatal accident involving an UberX driver, the San Francisco company says it's adding a "Safe Rides Fee" of $1 per ride. On New Year's Eve, an UberX Read More →

People who missed out Google Glasses this week can try unusable frames for free

Potential Google Glass “Explorers” who missed out on a $1,500 unit during Google’s one-day online sale this week can at least try out an unusable unit at home -- for free. The loaners come in four colors and new titanium “feather-light” Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

It's a little slow today; did Wall Street and everyone and their mother take the day off? Still, we managed to scrounge up a few tech news links. Talking Facebook and privacy — a somewhat popular subject: The social network took Read More →

Quoted: Marc Benioff on giving back, again

"When I was at Oracle, I’d have this debate all the time with Larry Ellison, who has been a huge influence on my career. He’d always say, 'Who do you think has done more for the world: the Ford Foundation Read More →

C’est incroyable! The French take cheating to a new high

Leave it to those monogamy-challenged laissez-faire French folk to come up with technology that helps people sneak around on each other. Apparently, French entrepreneurs noticed a few years back that what their countrymen and women really needed more than anything was, Read More →

Off topic: Zentai, insect sex organs, weed and salmon, pothole products

In Japan, achieving liberation by wearing "zentai," or full-body suits. In the caves of Brazil, male and female insects have reversed sex organs. Is the cultivation of pot killing the salmon in California? And enough with Read More →
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