Comcast disingenuously fires back at Netflix

Netflix's newly announced opposition to Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner Cable is about protecting the streaming media company's bottom line, not its customers, a Comcast official charged on Monday. In laying out its case against the merger, the Los Gatos Read More →

Tech Files outtake: In San Jose, Sprint’s the pits

If you live in San Jose and are a customer of Sprint, I feel your pain. For my column today, I tested Samsung's new Galaxy S5 smartphone. As I wrote, Read More →

Netflix’s Hastings makes case for ‘strong’ neutrality rules

Net neutrality may be down for the count, but Reed Hastings is hoping it comes back even stronger. In a post Thursday on Netflix's corporate blog, the company's CEO criticized the tolls Read More →

Google and Foxconn’s plan for robotic domination should come as no surprise

The news that ginormous contract manufacturer Foxconn and Google are teaming up to advance Google's robotics initiatives, reported here by the Wall Street Journal, should hardly come as a surprise. It's already been reported that Taiwan-based Foxconn (known globally Read More →

Google’s gay pride doodle wins Sochi Olympic gold

The best thing about Google's Olympic doodle slamming the Russian government for its anti-gay crusade (and slamming the International Olympic Committee for holding the games in a land governed by bigots) is that at first I didn't even notice Read More →
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