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Net neutrality running out of lives, which will affect ours

Open Internet. Net neutrality. Whatever you want to call it, it appears to be dying. And if you're wondering whether you should mourn its death, might as well get that black suit ready. The FCC is set to propose Read More →

Comcast disingenuously fires back at Netflix

Netflix's newly announced opposition to Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner Cable is about protecting the streaming media company's bottom line, not its customers, a Comcast official charged on Monday. In laying out its case against the merger, the Los Gatos Read More →

Netflix takes stand against Comcast-Time Warner deal

Netflix opposes the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, the company said on Monday. In a letter to shareholders announcing the company's first quarter earnings, Reed Hastings and David Wells, Netflix's chief executive and chief financial Read More →

Comcast-Time Warner deal can claim one prominent Silicon Valley supporter

(Updated below) The proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger has at least one high-profile backer here in Silicon Valley. Carl Guardino, president of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and an ever-present present figure in regional Read More →

Quoted: Comcast and Time Warner — competitors or not?

"Comcast can't have it both ways. It can't say that the existence of competition among distributors including Time Warner Cable was a reason to approve the NBC deal in 2010 and then turn around a few years later and say Read More →

Watch this and this and this: News, entertainment pour out of CNN, Yahoo, Xbox

As the tech and media world turn, and the avenues for consuming news and video and entertainment multiply, and everyone fights for eyeballs and ad dollars, here's what's going on: There's embracing of the new by the old, and vice Read More →
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