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What’s up with Amazon: phones, streaming series, drones

Amazon — competitor to many a Silicon Valley company in areas such as mobile, delivery and more — was in the news this week. We've rounded it up for you. • Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced late last year that Amazon Read More →

4K TV shipments surge in Q2

There's a reason why 4K televisions are becoming more prominent in your local electronics store: Manufacturers are shipping a lot more of them. TV makers shipped more of the ultra-high resolution sets in the second quarter of this year than they Read More →

Quoted: YouTube networks aim high

"We want to be the next Viacom, the next Disney, the next NBCUniversal. We feel like we’re on that path." — George Strompolos, CEO and founder of Fullscreen, one of the top multichannel networks (MCN) on YouTube. MCNs bundle Read More →

Google, YouTube reportedly ready new music streaming service

Google’s long-awaited YouTube music subscription service is finally taking shape, according to reports from Android Police. The blog reported Monday that Google is preparing to launch a service called YouTube Music Key and rebrand its Google Play Music All Access Read More →

Quoted: ICYMI, Reed Hastings is not a fan of big ISPs

"Why would more profitable, larger companies charge for connections and capacity that smaller companies provide for free? Because they can." — Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, on the access fees, or "tolls," that U.S. Internet service providers are charging his Read More →

Quoted: Aereo pleads for its life

"The company is figuratively bleeding to death." — Aereo, in a filing beseeching the federal court in Manhattan to let the company operate as a cable-TV service. If it's not allowed to do so — and in Read More →
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