• Preview of Palm’s Pixi

    Preview of Palm’s Pixi

    After covering Apple’s music event this morning, I met with Palm and got a hands-on look at the company’s new Pixi smartphone, which Palm announced early today I was a […]

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  • Making a switch

    After complaining repeatedly in my column, and to my friends and elsewhere about my Internet service, I’m finally switching providers. Here’s the surprise: I’m switching to Comcast. After writing a […]

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  • New report: iPhone 3G S a hit

    New report: iPhone 3G S a hit

    (updated below) VentureBeat‘s Paul Boutin reports today on a new smartphone sales report, but methinks he missed the real news. The new data comes from IDC. Boutin makes much of […]

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  • Troy’s full interview with Nintendo’s Miyamoto

    Troy’s full interview with Nintendo’s Miyamoto

    On Saturday, the Merc ran an edited version of my interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s chief game designer. Below you’ll find the full text of my interview, which took place […]

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  • Quick review: myTouch 3G

    Quick review: myTouch 3G

    (updated below) I’ll write a more complete review tomorrow, but here’s what I think of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G so far: Pros Good size. Much slimmer than the G1, the […]

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  • Quick take on Apple’s earnings

    Quick take on Apple’s earnings

    (updated below) My colleague John Boudreau is feverishly writing a story about Apple’s earnings. But here’s my quick take: 1. Very good quarter for the Mac. Apple sold 2.6 million […]

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  • Troy’s First Impressions: myTouch 3G

    I just received a review unit of the myTouch 3G, the soon-to-be-released Android-powered phone made by HTC for T-Mobile. I’ve been posting my first impressions of it on Twitter. You […]

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