Does Yahoo want to be Apple’s mobile search engine?

The Internets are abuzz with a juicy report that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is launching a bold move to supplant Google as the default search engine on Apple’s popular iPhones and iPads. But like so many tech rumors, this one’s Read More →

Google Glass on limited sale on Tuesday

Are you still dying to get your hands on Glass? Google’s planning to put them on sale, for one day only, next Tuesday the 15th. Buyers will have to shell out $1,500 plus tax, however, just like the early Read More →

Some more potential Glass users: soldiers, new moms and HVAC repairmen

Whether it’s cops, firefighters, surgeons or air conditioning repairmen, it seems like every day brings another report about someone trying a new use for Google Glass on the job. The futuristic – some would say Read More →

OK Glass: Show me directions to the US Trademark Office

Google’s new wearable computer, known as Glass, looks pretty distinctive.  But is the name “Glass” distinctive enough to be a registered trademark? Google thinks so, according to a filing unearthed by the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog, which reports Read More →

Tech Files outtake: Roku gadget’s rough edges

Roku's new Streaming Stick is a great bargain, but it does have some rough edges. I reviewed the new digital media player for my column this week. As I mentioned, I Read More →

WiFi gets more room thanks to new rules

Is your WiFi network bogging down thanks to all the other WiFi networks around you? Well, a solution may be in sight. The Federal Communications Commission on Monday approved rules that will double the amount of Read More →
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