Despite Apple gains, Android rules smartphones

Even though Apple sold a record number of iPhones over the holidays, it's still an Android world. Last year, Android became the first operating system ever to ship on 1 billion phones, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics. That Read More →

Apple drops iPods from earnings report

Remember when Apple was the iPod company? Well, it is no more. Oh, sure, Apple still sells the digital music players. And the iPod's legacy can still be seen in the iPhone, the iPad and Apple TV. But sales of the Read More →

Wolverton: Maybe we should just call the company ‘Apple Phone’

Should Apple rename itself "Apple Phone?" I ask that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, of course. But if the company's name were supposed to reflect its actual business -- as it once did -- you could make a Read More →

Eyeballs may be the next fingerprints for unlocking devices

When it comes to unlocking your computer, your smartphone or even your car, your eyeball may soon replace your fingerprint, your password and dedicated buttons. At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, I met with representatives of EyeLock, which Read More →

CES 2015: Taking a tour of virtual reality with Oculus Rift

LAS VEGAS -- I'm not convinced that Oculus Rift will live up to its considerable hype, but it's definitely very cool. I got to experience the cutting edge virtual reality system for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show here Read More →

CES 2015: Attending the show via robot

For years, I've been covering the Consumer Electronics Show solo for the Mercury News. This year, I was joined by one of my colleagues -- virtually at least. Jeremy Owens, our breaking news and business and technology editor, got to attend Read More →
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