Ban on cell phone unlocking close to being overturned

You may soon be able to legally unlock your cell phone again. The U.S. House of Representatives on Friday passed a bill that would roll back a prohibition on unlocking that took effect early last year. Because the bill, formally known Read More →

News you can wear: Smart shoes, possible Google Glass rival and more

These things nowadays, they think they're so smart. • First, for all you smarty-shoes out there, what about kicks that can run Google Maps and vibrate when you need to turn? That's right, you just follow your shoes. The Lechal smartshoes, Read More →

Security researcher: Apple downplaying security holes in iPhones, iPads

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, beware: Some features built into the iOS operating system that underlies those Apple devices could be used to glean sensitive personal information, such as all the photos in your photo album and Read More →

New consoles help spark game sales

Mired in a six-year-long slump, the traditional video game industry is making a modest comeback this year. Through the first half of 2014, physical sales of video game products in the United States are actually up on an annual basis, thanks Read More →

Google Glass developer jumping to Amazon

Here’s an interesting move:  Babak Parviz, the pioneering electrical engineer and biomedical research wizard who helped lead the effort to create Google Glass, has apparently jumped ship. Parviz is joining Amazon, according to The Verge tech blog, which spotted Read More →

What are you thinking right now about Google Glass?

Voice-controlled technology is so, oh, early 2014. Why rely on your vocal cords and mouth to ask Google Glass to snap a photo when a new attachment from a London start-up will let you do it through mind control? According to Read More →
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