If social games on Facebook are dying, why is booming?

The recent troubles of Zynga have been well documented. After its IPO stumbled last year, the social gaming company has had a rocky first year as a public company, marked by poor acquisitions, questions about its growth, and a stock Read More →

Recommended: Super Scratch Programming Adventure

Over the past few months, as my 9-year-old and I have explored ways for him learn how to make video games, he's gotten quite passionate about Scratch. I've mentioned it before (See here for resources to kids who want to Read More →

Why Square and Starbucks might have a long road ahead

I have now tried three times to use my Square account to pay at my local Starbucks. And each time it hasn't worked. Now, this is one person, at one Starbucks. So, I won't make any global claims as Read More →

Groupon stock continues march into oblivion after Q3 earnings disappoint

If you wonder whether things can get worse for former daily deal wunderkind Groupon, the company today answered with a resounding: "Yes!" Groupon released earnings for the third quarter, and Wall Street is just a tad disappointed with the Chicago-based daily Read More →

Nate Silver now rules Google search as world goes crazy for polling data cruncher

Looking at Google Trends is always an interesting way to get a glimpse of what seems to be on the world's mind. Typically, among the hot trends, you'll see some celebrity news, or some big breaking story. But, holy cow, Read More →

Apple stock: Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Ok…panic!

After weeks of pressing our hands against our ears and shouting, "La, la, la" in an attempt to drown out the sound of Apple's stock crumbling, the collapse has become too large and loud to ignore. On Wednesday, Apple's stock Read More →

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