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Can police take your fingerprint to unlock your cellphone?

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that police must secure a warrant to search an arrestee's cellphone, as I wrote in a column. But is a criminal defendant's cellphone pass code protected? In an intriguing Virginia case, a Read More →

Self-driving vehicles: a gas tank half full or half empty?

People, it turns out, are deeply conflicted when it comes to cars that can drive themselves. A new poll shows that while there's worldwide and widespread support for and fascination with self-driving vehicles, there's also a deep angst over the Read More →

In tech, breaking up is not so hard to do

Get out the tissues, because break-ups are on the rise in Silicon Valley. As some of Silicon Valley's more seasoned tech companies continue to age, they're spinning off younger businesses or newer technologies, creating smaller and more focused enterprises, according to Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

We've got your Friday tech news links right here. Andy Rubin is leaving Google. He co-founded Android and was most recently head of robotics at Google. (Is it a blow to Google's robotics efforts, which will now be Read More →

Warriors’ Welts, first openly gay sports exec, applauds Cook

A Warriors executive who took the same trailblazing path as Apple CEO Tim Cook looks forward to the day when a gay executive "is no story at all.” In a statement to this newspaper, Golden State Warriors President Rick Welts applauded Read More →

Quoted: on same names online

"In life, that is the ultimate lesson. That all of us think we're the most important. You want life to go how you want it to for you and your name. You know, there's all these other people that feel Read More →

Off topic: Space stuff vs. Earth stuff, fake priests, politics and brains, running times

Size, it's all relative: "How some space stuff out there compares to Earth stuff down here." Apparently it's a thing: fake priests in cemeteries. On our political leanings and our brains. And run, Forrest, Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we've got your tech news links right here. Big Blue, meet the blue bird: Twitter to give IBM access to data for business analysis. Speaking of Twitter, two more executives, including the head of product engineering, are Read More →

Movie industry gives thumbs down to Google Glass in theaters

It was only a matter of time. The Motion Picture Association of America and movie theaters have updated their guidelines to officially ban Google Glass and other wearable technology that's capable of recording. In other words, as always, the copyright-conscious Read More →

Off topic: Grave atlas, popular Halloween costumes, parking signs, horse communication

From John Wilkes Booth to John Dillinger, an atlas of where some famous people are buried. A timeline of America's most popular Halloween costumes in the past five years. (Confusing) signs of the times, and possible Read More →
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