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Tech Files outtakes: Apple’s new openness has its limits

The newfound openness Apple has demonstrated in iOS 8 is nowhere near complete; instead, it retains tight-fisted control in two big areas of the operating system -- Siri and default apps. Read More →

Apple’s new privacy campaign — and dig at Google

Apple is getting kudos galore after loudly and proudly touting the privacy it provides to its mobile customers with a new site. And it gets in a dig at its top competitor in the process. As the company launches new products and Read More →

Get ready for more self-driving cars in California

Get ready to see more self-driving cars on California roadways: The state Department of Motor Vehicles said this week that it’s issued autonomous-vehicle testing permits to three companies. And more may be in the wings. The first permits went to Mercedes-Benz Read More →

Workers to blame for most data breaches, study finds

Despite a recent string of highly publicized attacks by computer hackers, most data breaches stem from employee goofs, a study has determined. But it also noted that the threat from cyber attacks is growing and that those cases tend to Read More →

On topic: Tech news to know now

Here's what's on the menu today. Apple to unveil new iPads in mid-October, according to Bloomberg. Tesla CEO Elon Musk forecasts that fully autonomous vehicles will be ready in five to six years. Also, with a prediction that one day a thermostat-size box Read More →

Is that an iPad mini stuck to your face, or are you just glad to see me?

Now comes word from the cutting-edge and ever-so-quirky world of virtual reality that a Toronto-based startup called Metatecture has come up with a way to have that quality VR experience you've been looking for but at a fraction of the Read More →

Quoted: on contractors vs. ‘employees who have rights’

"In a world without laws, it would be great to be able to hand someone supplies, train them, and give them 30 bucks under the table. But we’re compliant, and the result is employees who have rights." — Ken Read More →

Apple’s Touch ID privacy flaw just got worse

When Apple launched its Touch ID fingerprint sensor, it had a troublesome flaw, but now that the company is allowing the sensor to be used by outside developers, that problem has potentially metastasized. Read More →

Off topic: Seeking translations, beer colors, old photos in color, the sum of Harry Potter

Once again, foreign words for which there are no English translations, illustrated. Pantone nerds, take note of these colorful beers. Speaking of color, old photos, colorized. And who needs words when the whole Harry Read More →

Facebook sticks with real-names rule after meeting with drag queens

Facebook is sticking with its real-name rule after a meeting Wednesday with drag queens and others who argued that the social network's requirement puts people at risk. San Francisco Supervisor David Campos, who attended the meeting, held a press conference afterwards Read More →
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