Silicon Valley’s mixed bag from the midterm elections

We know how the Democrats did in the midterm elections, but what do the results mean for the tech industry? With votes still being counted, tech-backed Ro Khanna appears to be losing his race against Rep. Mike Honda. Both Democrats, they Read More →

Tech industry looks to November election in Honda vs. Khanna race

Watch closely the final point spread in the Tuesday night primary results between Rep. Mike Honda, 73, the seven-term South Bay congressman, and Ro Khanna, 38, a lawyer and former Obama administration official. The two are fighting over who will represent Read More →

Wiretap: Why Silicon Valley could be key to this month’s elections … in France.

Its deep pockets make Silicon Valley a prime locale for political fundraising on both sides of the aisle. But last week, the Bay Area was squarely in the sights of a politician from the other side of the Pond. It seems Read More →

Tech and the elections: Twitter and Big Data also win

A couple of stories about the role tech played in the elections: • Obama got four more years. Did Twitter's performance during last night's election assure of it many more years as a go-to news and information source? The Twitterverse Read More →

Off topic: childhood matters, presidential libations, this Bud’s not for you, phone-number syntax, M&M’s and the elections

A study on the effects of a warm childhood, and how the heart supposedly can grow smarter. U.S. presidents and their drinks of choice. Speaking of drinks, Budweiser is unhappy about involuntary product placement Read More →

Cleantech and elections: Will ‘green’ win?

The outcome of today's U.S. presidential election could mean plenty for green technology and jobs. President Obama, who has pushed for green jobs, has fallen short of the number of positions he had pledged to create. (The goal was 5 million Read More →
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