Amazon Echo ‘records voice’ of thief, 9-year-old neighbor faces charges: report

In a second case of an Amazon virtual-assistance device playing the role of a witness to a crime, a 9-year-old kid is facing time in juvenile hall after a stolen Amazon Echo reportedly recorded his voice and sent it to the device’s owner.

Last year, Arkansas police probing a murder sought access to an Echo that may have captured sound related to a murder, and Amazon eventually provided data from the device after the suspect agreed to the handover.

This week in Gloucester, Massachusetts, police nabbed a boy, 9, whose neighbor’s home had been burglarized.

Stolen were an iPhone, cash, an unopened box from Amazon, and an Amazon Echo, the Gloucester Times reported.

An audio recording made by the Echo of someone talking had been sent to the phone of the owner, the report suggested.

The woman told police the voice on the recording sounded familiar — like that of the youngster who lived nearby.

“After first claiming he did not know what the officers were talking about, the boy then confessed to breaking into the woman’s home on three occasions and taking items that matched a list of missing items,” according to the paper.

“The boy then took the officers to places where he had hidden the stolen items.”

Police gave the stolen items back to their owner, but hung onto the Echo, even though it had been ruined by being left outside, according to the paper.

The boy faces charges in juvenile court of breaking and entering and larceny, the paper reported.



Photo: Google Home (left), Amazon Echo. (Troy Wolverton/Bay Area News Group)


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  • B. Terclinger

    I’d rather not get my stuff back (rather my dog chewed the thief) than give Amazon or any company an OPEN MIC IN MY HOME.

    Are you people crazy?