Fighting fake news: Google ‘Fact Check’ label expanded to search, Google News worldwide

Google is continuing its attempt to fight fake news by making its “Fact Check” label available for search results.

The company also is expanding the label in Google News worldwide after introducing the feature in certain countries in October.

The label “identifies articles that include information fact checked by news publishers and fact-checking organizations,” Google said in a blog post Friday.

The fact-check labels won’t be available on all articles and results, just the ones that have been fact-checked. When you search for something, the resulting “snippet” will show information about “the claim, who made the claim, and the fact check of that particular claim,” the company said.

Google’s battle against fake news is in the spotlight as the world’s largest search engine, along with Facebook (the world’s largest social network) deal with their part in the proliferation of fake news during the U.S. presidential election — and afterward.

Both Google and Facebook have said they want to keep purveyors of fake news from profiting from it, so they are trying to keep such people and publications from placing ads through their networks, although it’s unclear how well the effort is working. (Some say it isn’t.)

Facebook this week launched a tool to teach its users how to spot fake news. Also, the social network last month started labeling some stories shared on its platform as “disputed.”


Above: Screen shot showing Fact Check from Google


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  • sopasalex

    The problem here is that every “fact checking” organization determines what is fact based on what their opinions are, rather than actually checking facts. That turns fact checking essentially into ideologically driven efforts to manage free speech. Truth is that we are essentially on our own to do the jobs that used to be done by journalists. Both the left and right have taken over newsotainment and simply dish out their own propaganda….

    • MarkStolzoff

      Yea, no, that’s not how that works, that’s not how any of it works.

  • citizen nada nada

    I will be very surprised if there isn’t a very extremely major, horrendously expensive lawsuit going down on this one. But then there is that confidence in the 9th district I suppose. Perhaps the real problem is that there is too much unwanted news,marketing, hidden data collection flowing in the Internet the first place?