Apple’s first reality TV show auditions are open

You might as well move to the edge of your seat now, because Noah in L.A. is about to start coding.

App development may not seem like the most exciting topic to build a reality show around, but that’s not stopping Apple. Auditions are underway for the Cupertino tech behemoth’s first reality TV show, “Planet of the Apps.”

Yup, you read that correctly. But of course, a tech-focused show based in Silicon Valley is bound to succeed.

Except it’s not going to be based in Silicon Valley. Filming for the first season is to take place late this year or early next year, in Los Angeles. Apple’s partner in the project, Prospect Productions of New York City, will create the series.

To be sure, like most reality shows, this one is bound to focus on the human drama, which could give it appeal beyond geekdom. And the content will bring viewers along the portion of the journey that follows the not-exactly-made-for-TV technical process of app creation. Although details are scarce on the format of the series, promotional materials suggest a resemblance to “Shark Tank,” in which investors can buy into entrepreneurs’ companies.

“Those that appear on the show will not be required to give up equity unless they choose to accept an offer from one of the Angel Advisors or investors,” promotional material for the auditions said.

As for the inaugural season’s location, it appears Silicon Valley is not the hub of the app-development universe, so perhaps the show can attract viewers without the Valley’s cachet: a new report from The App Association said 89 percent of software developers work outside of Silicon Valley. Nevertheless, the group found that more than 100,000 developers work in the region from San Francisco to San Jose, compared to fewer than 30,000 in L.A.

To audition, developers must submit material including screenshots of their app and a one-minute video.

The show has some big-ish names behind it. It’s to be produced by hip-hop musician and entrepreneur, plus TV executives Ben Silverman and Howard Owens. Of the developers to be showcased, Silverman says, “We can really tell their stories as we explore how apps are developed and created and incubated,” says Silverman.

OK, you can get off the edge of your seat now.


Photo: The Apple logo (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)


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  • Walking Fool

    Awful concept. Who gives a sheet about an App show?

    Instead of doing more SV centric shows, how about something more entertaining in the Fiction realm.

    • EllaFino

      I’ve asked the same question about the Kardashians.

      • Walking Fool

        I never watch that either.