Google to acquire San Francisco internet company Webpass

Google Fiber is buying San Francisco internet-service provider Webpass.

Webpass, which provides modem-free ethernet connectivity up to gigabit speed, and appears from its website to have fiber networks in limited downtown areas of San Francisco and Oakland, announced Wednesday that Google would acquire it.

“By joining forces, we can accelerate the deployment of superfast internet connections for customers across the U.S.,” Webpass president Charles Barr said on the company’s blog. “Google Fiber’s resources will enable Webpass to grow faster and reach many more customers than we could as a standalone company.”

Webpass, founded in 2003, also provides service in Miami, San Diego, Chicago and Boston.

Terms of the sale, including the price, were not released.

Google Fiber has announced it will roll out the ultra-fast gigabit internet service in San Francisco, and has said it plans to offer the service in San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto and Mountain View, and Sunnyvale, although it has run into problems accessing utility poles to hang fiber cable in San Jose, Mountain View and Sunnyvale.


Photo: The Google logo (KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)


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