Google Express gets green with fresh produce deliveries

Google is looking to be your green grocer.

On Wednesday, Google said it would add fresh produce, meats and milk (aka “perishables”) to its Google Express delivery service, and will start the service in some neighborhoods in San Francisco and Los Angeles. A Google Express membership costs $95 a year, and members pay $2.99 for deliveries. Non-members can also use the service, but pay $4.99 for a delivery.

The move to offer fresh produce and perishables is seen as Google trying to elbow in on territory already occupied by the likes of Amazon and its Amazon Fresh delivery service. Subscribers to Amazon’s Prime service can get some¬†Fresh food items delivered within a two-hour period. An expanded set of foods can be delivered to those customers willing to pay $299 a year to boost their Amazon Fresh subscription level.

Photo: The Googleplex in September 2015 (Matt O’Brien/Mercury News)


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