Tesla hits target for vehicle deliveries

Tesla Motors made good on a promise to ship the Model X before October — handing over six cars to founders at a late September launch party. New numbers released today by the automaker show how rare those SUV deliveries have been.

The Palo Alto company shipped 208 Model X SUVs in the last three months of 2015. Overall, the company hit its annual target to ship more than 50,000 vehicles. The company delivered 50,508 Model S and Model X automobiles to customers in 2015.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told analysts in November the company would ramp up production of the Model X to several hundred per month in December. It built exactly 507 last year, and stated that manufacturing would “increasing exponentially” even as the company closely monitored quality in the new vehicles. Tesla produced 238 SUVs in the final week of the year.

The production schedule means that most of the more than 20,000 customers on the Model X waiting list will continue to wait.

Deliveries of the Model S set records, with 17,192 shipped in the final three months of the year. That was nearly 50 percent more than the company’s previous high, and about 75 percent better than the same period in 2014.

Tesla shares are down nearly 6.5 percent to $224.66.

Photo: Tesla Model X displayed in a Palo Alto showroom. (BANG file photo)


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  • Evander

    That’s one seriously ugly car with those goofy doors.

  • marketbuy

    Model X is ONE BUTT ugly SUV. With 82″ wide body, this is equivalent to a Hummer H2 size body frame. Try parking it in a parking stall. LOL Once you park it, just make sure you dont’ open the Falcon X doors or you may damage the other car

    • Crocket

      I can’t think of a crossover that isn’t ugly. The doors open less wide than conventional doors.