On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s going on in tech.

Microsoft says it will inform users of state-sponsored hacks after Reuters reports that the company failed to do so several years ago for Hotmail users whose accounts were hacked by the Chinese government and others.

AT&T is dropping two-year phone contracts. People will have to pay for their phones upfront or in installments.

Uber has hit 1 billion rides; billionth rider gets a year’s worth of free Uber rides.

Facebook’s Free Basics service in India and the net neutrality issue: Government regulators (TRAI) said Thursday they’ve received a record number of public comments about issue; startups urging TRAI not to allow differential pricing for Internet access.

ICYMI: Apple is being sued for allegedly slowing down older iPhones with iOS 9 upgrade.

John McAfee’s new product, Everykey, replaces passwords, logs users into websites and unlocks actual doors.

Ian Murdock, Linux pioneer (he founded Debian Linux) and tech executive, has died at age 42.

And happy new year, your cable bill is going up.


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