Apple tries to turn lemons to lemonade, releases battery case for iPhone

It seems that even Apple is frustrated with the iPhone’s abbreviated battery life.

The Cupertino company on Tuesday joined a cadre of accessory makers and quietly released a new battery case for its smartphone. The $100 case, designed for the iPhone 6s, the smaller of the two current iPhone models, promises to boost the device’s talk time to 25 hours and its Internet time over the cell phone networks to 18 hours. Without the battery pack, Apple promises the phone will give 14 hours of talk time and 10 hours of Internet usage. But many owners, particularly power users, find that they often get less than that.

The case’s design seems a bit out of step with Apple’s typical aesthetic. It only comes in two colors — white and black. And rather then mimicking the slick, thin design of the phone and other Apple products, it packs the battery in a bulge on the back.

The case does offer some advantages over its competitors. An iPhone can recognize when it is attached to the case, and when it displays its remaining battery power, it will reflect the boost the case provides. To ensure that it doesn’t degrade a users’ cell phone signal, the case includes a built-in antenna. And unlike many cases, it can be charged with the same Lightning cable that is used to power the iPhone itself.

But other battery cases and battery backups provide far more power for the same or less money. While Apple’s battery case has a 1877 mAh battery, Mophie’s Juice Pack Reserve has one that’s nearly as big — 1840 mAh — but costs just $60. For $100, users can get Mophie’s Juice Pack Air, which has about 50 percent more battery power than Apple’s case. Oh, and Mophie and other manufacturers also offer battery cases for iPhone 6s Plus; Apple isn’t making one for it’s jumbo-sized phone.

And that’s not to mention that some other phones offer much longer battery life without needing an extra case. Motorola’s Droid Maxx 2 has a built-in 3630 mAh battery — which is more than double the reported capacity of the iPhone 6s’s battery. Maybe Apple could think about making more room for a battery inside of its phones, instead of making them ever thinner.

Photo: Apple has a new battery case for its iPhone 6s. (Courtesy of Apple)


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  • Franco

    Another product to add more expense to a crapy phone. When will people realize they getting taken for a ride. Apple consumers should demand a top notch product from the get go, no incremental roll outs to keep taking their hard earn money. Really Apple, you are a fat cash cow and you should hold back on your next generation phone, until you have a better product.

    • Jerry O’Hara

      Troll much. Thanks for your comments though. I’m sure it’s the same crap you spew every time you chime in on an Apple article. Go back to Samsung Corp offices and get prepared to get laid off.

      • Franco

        Ha you are funny! Don’t work for them , I work for finance ,but relax I was an Apple user, but have been surrounded by the isheep everywhere with their phone chargers and connections everywhere, you can see for yourself, or just being blind to this too. Maybe since you defend this product so much, you should own their stock like I do. My point is they make a sub par product and expect the consumer to eat it all up. SHAME! Innovate and create…..

  • citizenkarma

    Fed up with these people. They should start by not loading on crapware apps that hog space and that cannot be removed. And a $100 battery accessory to run the thing is plain insulting.

  • Betty Zircon

    Apple tries to turn lemons to lemonade, releases battery case for iPhone at Saratoga Sams Tent City

  • W N

    This case is for those who are in the small group of users who use their phones a lot. I recharge my iPhone 6S with moderate use, only once in 2 days. I think that is good battery life. Apple makes excellent products and those who complain should try using an Android device for a day. I tried and almost puked.

  • Lafayette Escadrill

    My flip phone lasts over 4 days.