Video: Lawmaker takes Google to task on U.S. Senate floor over YouTube Kids

In a 10-minute broadside Wednesday on the U.S. Senate floor, a Florida lawmaker showed he’s not done fighting with Google over the company’s 7-month-old YouTube Kids app.

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., the top-ranking Democrat on the Commerce Committee, recently received a letter from Google defending the way the service filters out inappropriate videos and selects which advertisements it shows to toddlers. The company also recently introduced some new parental controls, which Nelson on Wednesday called “steps in the right direction, but not enough.”

Anyone familiar with speeches inside the U.S. Capitol won’t be surprised by Nelson’s use of a slide presentation to show the app’s faults, such as a video about “hope to open a beer with another beer.” The video also features an ample dose of political outrage: “This is how to make toxic chlorine gas!” and “This is for children! This is for little ones!”

You can watch it here on .. yes, YouTube:


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