Google will pay you to report bugs on your Android

Want to get paid for having your Android device crash?

Last year, Google paid more than $1.5 million to security researchers who help make their products more stable and secure, but now any user can partake in the fun. Google announced the launch of “Android Security Rewards,” a program that will pay nearly $40,000 to users of the Nexus 6 phone and the Nexus 9 tablet for reporting bugs.

In order for a user’s bug to qualify for a reward, the user has to be the first to report it, the bug could not already be publicly disclosed, and it has to be more involved than a phishing attack or a simple app crash. If the user finds a severe enough bug that is deemed worth reporting, they can fill out a form detailing what happened and upload a bug report. Google encourages all users to report their bugs even if they are not sure it’s eligible, and if the bug is serious enough, Google will pay the user for their troubles.

Rewards are based on a scale based on severity and have multipliers. A low severity bug, such as access to “normal” level security features without permission or a temporary denial-of-service, begins at a $500 payout. Critical severity bugs, such as a permanent device failure without re-flashing, can land the user a whopping $38,000.

So while it will take more than merely poking at your phone a bunch to reap the profits, this program should incentivize users to help Google build a more stable and secure system.


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