EBay becomes a little less white, a little less male

EBay, like other Silicon Valley firms, is mostly white and male. According to an update on its workforce demographics, it’s becoming a less so.

With 33,000 employees worldwide, the company boosted in the past year the percentage of women at the firm to 43 percent, up by 1 point, it said in a blog post Wednesday.

It also slightly changed its ethnic and racial makeup in the U.S. Asians, currently 25 percent of the firm’s employees, and African Americans, 8 percent, each rose by 1 percent. Hispanics, at 5 percent, remained unchanged.

When it came to its leadership ranks, eBay reported changes as well. Women in leadership roles grew a point to 29 percent.  Likewise, the number of Asians bumped up to 24 percent, up 1 point. Blacks and Hispanics remained at 2 percent each.

Now whites make up 60 percent of the online marketplace’s workforce, down 1 percentage point. And it is 57 percent male, down from 58 percent last year, as eBay’s blog post from then detailed.

When it revealed its numbers last year, the company was more diverse than its Silicon Valley peers, as Bloomberg Business pointed out.

Since eBay and PayPal are separating into two companies this year, they will next update the data in 2016 “to give each of them a full year to collect diversity data,” an eBay spokesperson told USA Today.

Above: EBay’s headquarters.¬†(Gary Reyes/ Bay Area News Group)



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  • RegularGuy55

    Call us when the average AGE of the Ebay employee (and new hires) goes up.

    They might as well put out signs saying, ‘Over 40? Don’t bother.’

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