Google mocks scrutiny of White House visits, sends cute baby GIF to Rupert Murdoch

Google is finally defending itself from reports of its unusually frequent White House visits with a wild, GIF-laden rebuke aimed at Rupert Murdoch.

“One of your newspapers, The Wall Street Journal, accused Google of wielding undue political influence,” says the Google blog post penned by PR chief Rachel Whetsone, Google’s senior vice president of communications and policy. “Blimey!”

Her blog post featured two GIFs to make its points, one of a chuckling baby and another from a scene in “Coming to America.”

The Journal reported recently that Google employees have visited the White House about 230 times during the Obama administration, including many visits that happened while the Federal Trade Commission was conducting an antitrust investigation it later dropped.

“Of course we’ve had many meetings at the White House over the years,” Whetstone wrote. “But when it comes to the information the Journal provided to Google about these meetings, our employment records show that 33 of the White House visits were by people not employed here at the time.”

Google said it counted even more visits — about 270 — by rival Microsoft in the same time frame, and 150 for Comcast. It was not clear how it arrived at those figures.

“And the meetings we did have were not to discuss the antitrust investigation,” Whetstone continued. “In fact, we seem to have discussed everything but, including patent reform, STEM education, self-driving cars, mental health, advertising, Internet censorship, smart contact lenses, civic innovation, R&D, cloud computing, trade and investment, cyber security, energy efficiency and our workplace benefit policies.”

This is not the first time Whetstone, a former aide to conservative British politicians, has targeted Murdoch in an official Google blog. She did the same thing last year in response to Murdoch’s News Corp. calling Google a “platform for piracy,” but that post didn’t include any GIFs.

Above: Screenshot from Google’s GIF-laden statement Friday.


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  • Tom

    Got to love the “Let Them Eat Cake” attitude of the mega corporations.

    • ellafino

      Yes because News Corp is one of the little people.

      • Tom

        Can’t handle the truth????

  • hahahahaha

  • Elke Sisco

    “Above: Screenshot from Google’s GIF-laden statement Friday.”

    How about a link to the statement so we can go to the source directly?