Twitter acquires Niche, a network that connects Internet stars with brands

Twitter has acquired Niche, a New York startup that connects social media celebrities with advertisers and marketers.

These users have helped brands including Hewlett-Packard, Coca-Cola and others sell their products using photos or videos, sharing the advertisements with their large number of social media followers.

“As more users and creators use different products as a way to share what’s happening in their world, brands are also looking to partner with those individuals in hopes of generating moments that resonate with the people they are trying to reach,” Baljeet Singh, Twitter’s director of product management wrote in a blog post  Wednesday announcing the deal.

Buying the startup will help the social network provide more tools for the advertisers and marketers it works with, helping them reach potential consumers in different ways.

Twitter declined to disclose how much they acquired the startup for. But a source familiar with the deal said it was for between $45 million to $50 million.

Created in 2013, Niche also helps social media stars monitor their followers and activities through data.

The company, which also has a San Francisco office, currently has 6,319 social media creators, according to the website. It was founded by Rob Fishman, who is also a contributing editor at Buzzfeed and Darren Lachtman, a former senior director of business development for Bedrocket Media Ventures.

“As a part of Twitter, our pledge is to continue our commitment to creators: more tools, more platforms, and even more opportunities to team up with the best advertisers in the world,” the founders wrote Wednesday in a blog post.

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