Apple amps up its charitable giving

After a long history of matching its employees’ charitable donations, and then launching a new effort a few months ago in which the company contributes $25 for each hour of work a staffer donates to charity, Apple is once again amping up its corporate goodwill efforts.

According to an internal email to staff Thursday from Denise Young Smith, head of Worldwide HR, Apple will double that hourly amount in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

On January 19, the country will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. At Apple, we are deeply committed to Dr. King’s philosophy of equality for all people and share the dream he expressed so well 51 years ago. We challenge ourselves to live up to his ideals every day of the year. His vision has been a part of Apple from our earliest days when he was featured in the Think Different campaign and it remains as important as ever.

As we reflect on the significance of Dr. King’s contributions, there is no greater way to celebrate his legacy than to serve the communities where we live and work. In his honor, we are doubling our Matching Gifts program for the time you volunteer from January 19 until the end of the quarter on March 28. This means for every hour you serve, we’ll contribute $50 to the eligible organization you’ve chosen. I encourage all of you to work with your managers to find time in your busy schedules, either as a team or as individuals, to serve.

As we celebrate the diversity within our company, we are reminded of our commitment to the advancement of equality and human rights everywhere. Together, we can and will make a difference — and in that we honor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream for a better world.


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