Quoted: Down on Apple Watch, wearables in 2015

“The focus on wearables will be a bit of a head fake and take up a lot of time, energy, and money in 2015 with not a lot of results.”

Fred Wilson, of Union Square Ventures, on his AVC blog predicts Apple Watch “will not be the home run product that iPod, iPhone, and iPad have been.”

While Wilson doesn’t go as far to say Apple Watch will be a flop, his view doesn’t exactly jibe with others’ expectations that Apple Watch is “shaping up to be the launch of 2015,” according to Quartz, for example.

Quartz says Apple’s smartwatch will be everywhere, and that it could be the first big breakout in the wearables category. It cites Morgan Stanley’s prediction that there will be 70 million wearables shipments worldwide this year, and that that number will more than triple in 2017.

But wait, score one for Wilson? A Quartz poll found that only 5 percent of iPhone users — you need an iPhone to pair with Apple’s smartwatch — said they were likely to buy an Apple Watch this year.


Photo of Apple Watches by Justin Sullivan, Getty Images


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  • Skeptic

    If you did some research on Fred Wilson you may have been able to gather similar negative statements on Apple from him in the past.

    The Apple Watch is not out yet and Killer Apps have not be publicized.

    Let’s revisit once the watch actually comes out. Such articles are always good to refer back to. Similar to the skeptism surrounding the iPhone and iPad. Apple Watch will be next year’s Christmas gift of choice.

    All this early speculation amounts to a bunch of stock manipulation to get the stock down.

  • Jorge Johnson

    All the ill will towards APPLE is so green with envy – all the shills, vagabonds, prognosticators will be no where to be found as the Apple robots go out en masse and obey their inner APPLE and buy buy buy and then buy some more – Happens every time – LOL

  • Craig Elliott

    So 5% of the iPhone market is… a jillion?