Mark Zuckerberg should post daily in 2015, and other ideas for his ‘personal challenge’

He calls it his “personal challenge.”

Each year, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, has picked one goal: Learn Mandarin, wear a tie, write a note of gratitude daily.

The tradition has been an intriguing part of his life, a window into the determination and earnestness of America’s boy wonder CEO. There is also a schoolmarm quality to the exercise too. Even if you are a billionaire, there is always room for improvement!

For 2015, Zuckerberg is adding a new twist. In a post, he is asking for resolution ideas (although he says he has an idea of what he will do). So far, thousands have commented.

Among the ideas:

  • Become a father.
  • Visit the elderly.
  • Get back to coding.
  • Post daily about your life on Instagram.
  • Disable Candy Crush
  • Take a cold shower every day.
  • Close Facebook one hour a day or one day a year.

Many of the suggestions seem to aim for Zuckerberg to see how the other half lives, such as “Do one menial task per week.”

To which he replied, “Does walking my dog and picking up his poop count?”

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