On topic: Tech news to know now

We’ve got your Wednesday tech news links right here.

That (previously mentioned) $1 billion in funding that Uber is reportedly raising?  It would value the company at $35 billion to $40 billion.

German member of European Parliament who’s calling for the breakup of Google has a conflict of interest: He is “of counsel” to a law firm that has represented media companies fighting Google. Meanwhile, key members of Congress sent a letter of concern to the European Parliament.

Netflix sues former exec, accusing him of collecting kickbacks. Mike Kail now works as Yahoo’s chief information officer.

What was Twitter CFO tweeting (instead of DMing) about? Maybe this: The company is reportedly in talks to buy Shots, the Justin Bieber-backed selfie app.

Speaking of Twitter, and ICYMI, it’s offering coupons that can be redeemed in stores and applied to users’ credit cards.

Intel is switching cafeteria managers, and the new vendor isn’t re-hiring many of the old workers, who are losing their jobs the day before Thanksgiving. They are protesting.

Microsoft to pay China $140 million for supposed tax evasion.


Photo: Associated Press archives


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