Uber is scrubbing its past

Uber appears to be deleting past blog posts that raised questions about how the company was using customer data.

The move comes in the wake of criticism of the ride sharing company for its treatment of user ride data as well as apparent threats made by an executive about investigating journalists.

I wrote that it was time for Uber to look deeply at its corporate culture or face losing riders.

Last week, Uber upped its privacy efforts just as Sen. Al Franken wrote seeking more information about the firm’s data privacy policy. It hired Harriet Pearson, formerly the chief privacy officer at IBM, and a team from Hogan Lovells, as I noted.

But for a company like Uber, privacy concerns are “just friction—one more thing that could slow its ascent,” said Christopher Mims in the Wall Street Journal.

The company appears to have deleted a post about user data and San Francisco prostitution arrests, which is cached here. The deletion was noted by a University of Washington professor, reported Chris O’Brien in VentureBeat.

But that is not all.

As O’Brien points out, the company recently took down its “Rides of Glory” post, which concluded that short rides in the middle of the night were the result of one-night stands.

Above: Uber app on an iPhone (Associated Press). 



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