Cook vows to bring Apple Pay to China

Apple CEO Tim Cook vowed to bring his company’s full complement of products and services to China, starting with Apple Pay.

During a four-day trip to China this week, Cook told the official Xinhua News Agency that Apple’s new mobile payments service, which lets customers make purchases in stores and in apps, would work well in the nation. Apple Pay debuted in the U.S. this week with all the country’s major credit card companies on board. Cook told Xinhua that Apple would study the market before approaching the local banks and merchants needed to deliver Apple Pay in China.

“We want to bring Apple Pay to China,” he said. “I’m convinced there will be enough people that want to use it. It’s going to be successful.”

Cook is winding down a visit to China that has included a stop at a Foxconn factory where Apple products are assembled and a conversation with Chinese vice premier Ma Kai about privacy and security, among other topics. Cook told Xinhua that the meeting was “very open” and “fascinating,” though he declined to get into specifics.

To double down on China, Apple will open up 25 more retail stores over the next two years, Cook said on an earnings call earlier this week.

At top: People walk past an Apple store in Hefei, in east China’s Anhui province. (AFP/Getty Images)



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