Facebook rolls out privacy checkup, with help from a dinosaur

Is privacy extinct? Not if you adjust some settings, a Facebook mascot seems to suggest. In case you haven’t been introduced, Facebook’s blue dinosaur — which showed up during a test earlier this year — is the face of a new tool called Privacy Checkup.

In the next few days, the checkup window will pop up and give Facebook users a chance to revisit their privacy settings, according to a company blog post today. So if you had been meaning to set some limits, the blue dinosaur’s nudge may be just what you need to finally do it. The settings you can change include the audience of your posts, who can see your profile information, who can see what apps you use.

And in case the dinosaur doesn’t pop up for you, don’t fret. You can find it by clicking on Privacy Shortcuts on the upper right corner of your Facebook screen.


Credit: Facebook



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