Elon Musk responds to full-page ad seeking Model S improvements

A New York couple took out an ad in the Palo Alto Weekly asking Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk to make some improvements in the all-electric Model S sedan, including moving the cup holder forward, voice-activated phone dialing and driver safety features.

In a tweet this weekend, Musk said that many of the suggested features will be added soon, but didn’t specify which ones.

Who knew the cup holder was such a big issue!

Image of advertisement in the Palo Alto Weekly via Elon Musk’s Twitter feed.









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  • Jim5437532

    Tesla needs to start taking safety seriously and make it a top priority. Tesla’s universal mobile chargers are still a fire hazard. They are still overheating, melting and failing. Nearly all Tesla’s were recalled for the fire hazard, but the recall has not solved all of the problems with Tesla’s UMC.

    • WeaponZero

      The UMC connector was improved on multiple occasions, that said, the issue you describe was already fixed with a software update. At issue is not the design of the UMC but people’s houses being improperly wired. The car now detects improperly wired houses and tries to deal with it.

      • Jim5437532

        You are lying again. The software updates never did fix the problems as claimed. Tesla’s software allegedly has a glitch that can increase current when a fault is detected. It’s dishonest to scapegoat the blame on house wiring. Sure in some cases house wiring was to blame. However Tesla’s poor designs can cause outlets and house wiring to fail. Most of the failures I have seen have been the fault of Tesla’s UMCs. Infrared scans have proven that Tesla’s UMCs have been faulty and have been the source of overheating.

        • WeaponZero

          The glitches were temporary and have not caused any problems, they were also fixed. There are no issues with the UMC design in itself.

          And since you have never seen an UMC in person nor according to you do you have any electrical engineering experience. How in the world are you capable of making such a call? Please you are making BS up as always.

  • Jack Manning

    It just seems here that there is just one thing after another with the Tesla. This obsession by those who think the Tesla itself regardless of it’s faults is the only way to go for mobile transportation. Now Tesla is blaming the owners themselves for having improperly wired homes for charging….what will be next? I drive frequently across the breadth of our country and do not want to have to depend on an finding an available electrical cord to complete my trips. I can visualize a “take a number” to get a chance on recharging. No, I will just stay with pulling into the multitude of gasoline service stations along my way for a fill-up and be on my way again.

    • WeaponZero

      Who said Tesla is the only way to go for mobile transportation? Tesla is just leading the charge due to first mover advantage, less bloat and more focus. The EV market is big enough for everyone. Even Musk himself said it is impossible for Tesla to be the only car manufacturer.

      Tesla is not blaming the owners for having improperly wired homes, many owners bought their houses this way and don’t even know it is improperly wired. Others just have their handy man install it or install it themselves when it should be done by a licensed electrician. When I bought my house for example, my house was not properly grounded which is a serious risk.

      Now obviously Tesla can’t recall people’s houses, and asking people to rewire their entire house is impractical. So the solution they came up with is having the software detect improper electrical work and work around it.

      Tesla is quickly building out superchargers and plans to cover 98% of the US population by end of 2015. The chance of standing in line and taking a number is not going to be an issue since most recharging is done at home, even if a supercharger does get a lot of traffic, Tesla will know about it and be able to add more stalls without issue.

      EVs work fine for most people, that doesn’t mean they work for everyone. It depends on your usage. As time goes on they will fill in more niches until it does work for everyone.